Is Peanut Butter Restricted on Flights? Here’s what the TSA says

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Posted on : March 25, 2023

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As a leading airport transportation service, Boston Airport Express wants to make sure that all our customers are aware of the latest travel regulations enforced by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Recently, there have been reports about peanut butter being considered a liquid by the TSA, which means that it falls under the same category as other liquids, gels, and aerosols.

One passenger, Patrick Neve, shared his confusion on Twitter after TSA agents flagged him for trying to bring peanut butter through airport security.

In his tweet, Neve asked the agents to clarify which category peanut butter falls under, leading to the TSA confirmed that peanut butter is considered a liquid and reminding travelers that it needs to be 3.4 oz or less in carry-on luggage.

Another traveler shared a similar experience where they were forced to throw out their peanut butter at the TSA checkpoint, despite it being used up to make sandwiches.

This raised concerns about the inconsistency in the TSA’s rules, as the traveler pointed out that it would have been okay to bring the peanut butter if it had already been used up.

To clarify the regulations, the TSA’s website states that peanut butter of any size can be packed in a checked bag, but for a carry-on, it must be 3.4 oz or less.

Other items, such as salsa, sauces, hummus, creamy dips and spreads, and ice cream, are also considered liquids and have the same carry-on limitations as peanut butter.

At Boston Airport Express, we want our customers to have a stress-free and smooth travel experience. We advise all our customers to review the TSA’s rules and regulations before their trip and make sure that all their carry-on items meet the requirements.

When you book a ride with Boston Airport Express, you can trust us to get you to the airport safely and on time. Don’t let travel regulations stress you out. Book a ride for car service in boston with Boston Airport Express today!

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