Corona Flight Cancellation: The Complete Guide on How to Secure a Refund

Recently, the Coronavirus has spread throughout the world, and one of the effects of its outbreak has befallen an increasing number of Americans who are being denied their airfare refunds, observed the Department of Transportation. 

“The Department has received a high volume of complaints on air travel matters related to the COVID-19 public health emergency,” a DOT spokesperson told The Washington Post in an email. “Many of these complaints concern lack of refunds, assessment of change fees, and inability to reach an airline representative.”

Prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, DOT had made it compulsory for every airline to refund the ticket holder with cash for the airfare if the flight is canceled by the airline itself. If a traveler cancels the ticket, the airline is not liable for a refund.

Nevertheless, as people were asked to stay at home and all non-essential travel was banned, airlines stopped following this rule by DOT, as per the complaints received by the agency, tweets from customers, and industry insiders.

DOT enforced its regulation by issuing a notice on Friday. The notice said that even during this pandemic, American and foreign airlines must give customers a cash refund if a flight to, within, or from the United States is canceled or has major changes in schedule.
People who are still struggling for a refund, industry experts gave us their advice:

Call the airlines

Customers who were denied their refund earlier may have a different result when calling back the airlines after DOT’s notice.

“Everybody should be able to get their cash refunds,” says Charles Leocha, the president and co-founder of the advocacy group Travelers United. “They paid for something. They’re not getting it. It’s basic American law.”

Travelers who were provided with flight credits for cancellation and would like a refund with cash instead, airlines are supposed to honor that request as well.

“In that [DOT] memo, they said at the end that the airlines should now contact everyone whose arm they twisted into taking credit and inform them that they have their choice,” Leocha says. “They can now get cash back, or they can leave the credit in place.”

Call the airline again

“First, politely say, ‘Thank you, appreciate your time.’ Hang up. Call again,” says Scott Keyes, founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights. “The reason why is that airline agents have a lot of discretion about which refunds they process. So oftentimes, it’s not as though there’s a blanket policy, and you’ll never get one agent to treat you differently than another.”

According to Keyes, if a customer fails to get a refund from one agent, they can try thousands of other agents and change their minds. “I can’t tell you the number of times, and I’ve been told no on the first call, no on the second call, then yes on the third call,” he says.

Make sure you are polite when calling the airlines. This is a stressful time for everyone, and being courteous will only help you in your accord.
“I would always be very nice because if you’re a jerk, they put a note in your record,” Leocha says.

Contact your credit card company

Keyes says that credit card companies are your last resort. This is the reason why credit card companies offer card protection services.

“Every credit card and the bank has a process where you can dispute a charge if you’ve paid for something and you didn’t receive that service,” Keyes says. “So if you paid for a flight and the airline canceled the flight, they are not allowed to hold your money hostage.”

However, according to Keyes, this process can be more of a bureaucracy hassle than going to the airlines for a refund.

File a complaint with the DOT

Report your issues directly with the DOT through their website.

“The Department maintains an aviation consumer protection website that provides useful information about passenger rights, including issues related to flight delays, cancellations, and refunds,” the DOT spokesperson said. “The website also has an online complaint form so that air travelers can quickly and easily file a complaint with the Department.”

Leocha and Keyes both recommend filing a complaint with the DOT.
“The fact that the Department of Transportation put out the directive they did on Friday, I think, is directly attributable to the hundreds or thousands of complaints that people were filing because the airlines were behaving so poorly,” Keyes says.

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The Number of Coronavirus Cases in Massasuchetts Doubled Overnight

The number of COVID-19 cases in rose exponentially because of a Biogen conference, according to health officials. The mass event, however, is not being cancelled as top officials are eschewing the decision.  On Sunday, 15 new presumptive positive cases were reported, which brought the total number of cases in Massasuchetts to 28. All 15 new cases are currently quarantined, says DHP.

One of the cases includes the parent of a student at Stratton Elementary School in Arlington because of which the decision to close the school on Monday is being considered. While the parent is officially among the list of 15 new cases, the student is also showing signs of illness has been tested, according to the officials.

The new cases are all directly related to the Biogen conference held at Marriot Long Wharf in late February. A total of 23 out of the 28 Coronavirus cases reported in Massasuchetts are related to that meeting.  Among the 15 cases reported on Sunday, 5 are residents of Boston, bringing the number of positive cases in Boston to 9.

“As more people test positive, then concerns will get even higher,” said Mayor Martin Walsh. However, Walsh and Governor Charlie Baker are still falling short in ordering cancellations of mass events and the Boston Marathon. Boston has Massasuchett’s only confirmed case–a UMass student who recently visited China.

“There is currently no evidence of community transmission in Boston,” the city’s public health commission said in a statement. “The risk remains low, but this situation is evolving rapidly and changes from day to day.” By Sunday, Coronavirus has infected more than 400 people and killed 21 in the United States of America.

Many mass events in America and the world have been cancelled due to the outbreak of the virus. The Tokyo Marathon was restricted to elite runners only while the Rome Marathon has been cancelled altogether. The Paris and Barcelona Marathons have been postponed until October, while South by Southwest festival in Texas has been cancelled.

In Boston, however, as of Sunday, the South Boston St. Patrik’s Day Parade was still to be conducted on March 15. About Coronavirus concerns, Boston Marathon organisers say they are “carefully monitoring” developments. When presented with the idea of cancelling the parade due to COVID-19 concerns, Walsh said: “We are not there yet.”

While talking to reporters on Sunday, the Mayor said that he was aware of what is going on around the country–including New York, where officials have declared a state of emergency and in Washington State, where 18 people have succumbed to the virus.

“Our office has been in contact with those folks just to see what we can do to prevent a widespread outbreak of coronavirus here,” Walsh said. “It’s still a very fluid situation. We just tell people it’s about prevention. It’s about washing your hands.”

The NBA has informed the teams, including Boston Celtics, about the probability of them playing in empty stadiums. This weekend, the Harvard men’s hockey team will face RPI in Troy, NY, but there won’t be any spectators because of the Coronavirus ban.

When asked about making a decision on the Boston Marathon, Baker on Friday said, “Well I would take most of my cues from the city and the CDC and my own public health people … you take the best available data you have and then listen to the experts, and you make your decisions based on the guidance we get from them.”

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Second Presumptive Positive COVID-19 Case in Massachusetts, Say Health Officials

On Monday, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health announced its second presumptive positive case of COVID-19.

The woman is in her 20s and is a native of Norfolk Country. According to health officials, she recently travelled to Italy and was found symptomatic. Currently, she is recovering at home. She was tested positive for the virus at a state laboratory on Monday.

According to sources, the patient is a 27 years old woman who accompanied a school trip that was linked to two other cases of COVID-19 in Rhode Island. The test results will be sent to the federal centres for Disease Control and Prevention. If confirmed, this would mark the second confirmed positive case of Coronavirus in Massachusetts.

The first case was registered last month when a UMass Boston student was found to be infected with the virus. The man is in his 20s and lives in Boston.

While the concerns keep rising, health officials and state leaders on Monday pointed out that the Coronavirus risk to the public remains low in Massachusetts.

“We are grateful this individual is recovering,” Massachusetts Public Health Commissioner Monica Bharel said in a statement. “We understand the concern this new virus is causing, and our state’s ability to quickly test for the virus is a positive development. The risk to the public from COVID-19 remains low in Massachusetts.”

So far, six people have succumbed to the Coronavirus, all of them in Washington State. There have been more than 60 cases of COVID-19 in the United States. 12 of those 60 people have been tested since Friday. Since last week, 608 people have been self-quarantined in Massachusetts. 377 out of those 608 people have completed monitoring and are no longer quarantined while 231 are still under observation.

Coronavirus spreads through respiratory secretions of an infected person to another. Symptoms include fever, cough, shortness of breath, and, in severe cases, pneumonia.

In order to avoid Coronavirus spread, health officials are urging people to use the same precautionary measures that are used to prevent common cold and flu. The steps include washing your hands, avoid touching your eyes and face, disinfecting objects that are frequently touched, covering cough and sneezes, and staying at home when you feel sick.

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34 People Being Monitored for Coronavirus in Boston

Boston is testing 34 people for the symptoms of Coronavirus, including the only confirmed case in Massachusetts, according to health officials. The risk of catching the virus in the city, however, remains slim.

The 33 people came to the city through one of the 11 airports in the country that accepted direct flights from China, revealed the officials during a press conference. These people add to the already existing single case in Massachusetts, a student from UMass Boston who had travelled to Wuhan, China.

“The guidance is that person has to get two negative tests, consecutive tests, so we’re waiting for that to happen so he can get cleared,” said Rita Nieves, interim executive director of the Boston Public Health Commission.

None of the 33 other people who are being monitored under CDC guidelines in Boston has shown any symptoms so far, she added.

“They’re instructed to take their temperatures a number of times during the day, and if they develop any symptoms like cough, fever, body aches, we’re in constant communication with them,” Nieves said. “The public health nurses call them, and then we will give them instructions on how to get care if that happens, but so far nobody has required that.”

“The risk is very low to Bostonians to contract the coronavirus,” added Boston Health and Human Services Chief Marty Martinez.

Nevertheless, the city officials are preparing for whatever scenario they might have to face.

“We want to contain it, and we want to make sure people are being monitored and then that we’re sending out the right messaging in terms of how to keep yourself healthy, how not to spread germs,” Martinez said.

The comments came a day after Massachusetts was declared to have had 680 people quarantined, which means they are under observation just in case they present any symptoms. While 377 of them have completed their monitoring with no symptoms, 231 are still being quarantined in their homes.

Massachusetts governor Charlie Broker said a plan is being prepared on steps needed to prepare for a possible epidemic outbreak. The plan will be released next week.

An “incident command structure” had been established to monitor the Coronavirus, spread awareness, and manage resources, according to Nieves.

“I want to assure you that Boston is prepared if we do end up with an outbreak of this condition,” she said. “We have an experienced team that is well-versed in dealing with similar situations.”

The officials are asking people to follow the steps they would follow when trying not to catch a cold in order to prevent the virus from spreading. These steps include washing hands, covering your face, and staying at home if you feel sick.

Additionally, if a person gets sick while travelling, they are supposed to notify their health care provider about their travelling history.

“If we get within six feet of somebody who’s coughing, has a fever, something like that, we don a mask for us that’s fitted,” Boston EMS Chief James Hooley said. “We would then also wear a face shield, the gown like you’d see in operating rooms… and put a mask on the person.”

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RealID Travel and Flying Requirements in Massachusetts are about to Change

The Massachusetts government is changing the ID required to travel to and from the state. Starting from October 1, 2020, you will be required to present a REAL ID or a passport to fly within the United States or enter federal buildings. 

Whether you are getting new IDs or renewing your existing credentials, you will have to choose between the standard driver’s license or a REAL ID. The cost to obtain a REAL ID or a standard driver’s license is the same.

A standard driver’s license is a valid identification card which can be renewed online without going to the RMV. The card has “NOT FOR FEDERAL ID” displayed on the front. It can not be used as a valid form of Federal ID and will not be an acceptable form of identification to board flights after October 1, 2020.

A REAL ID can also be used as a valid identification card. It requires an in-person visit for renewal and is a valid form of Federal ID. This card has a star displayed on the front to indicate that it is federally compliant.

To save time on your application, you can start any driver’s license or ID transaction online. At the end of your application, you will get a summary and a list of documents you will need to bring to the service center. The RMV’s online center will inform you of the documents required for you to complete your application, help you check your eligibility, and save your time by concluding the application on one successful trip. 

Once you have decided if you want a REAL ID or a standard driver’s license, you will have to get the right documents together. You will have to prove your US citizenship or lawful presence, Social security number, and your Massachusetts residency. 

For US citizens, a valid, unexpired US passport is sufficient proof of lawful presence. For permanent residents, a valid permanent resident card (green card) is enough. Non-US citizens would be needed to produce correct, valid immigration documents along with proof that they have been granted a legal stay in the US for at least 12 months.

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Terminal B to C connector at Logan Airport

Massport is working on futuristic traffic management and user experience boosting infrastructural changes. The construction will be completed in late 2021. When this is ready, travelers at Boston International Airport will be able to change terminals post-security checking.

Terminal C is also under a massive up-gradation and optimization process.

How Travelers will benefit from this Massport initiative?

  • One consolidated security check zone.
  • Option for travelers to commute between Terminal C and Terminal B post-security check.
  • Renovated public spaces pre and post-security.
  • Better food and retail facilities.
  • Renovations to four existing aircraft gates.

Timing & Costs:

Project Capital: $200 million
Project Start: Fall 2019
Project Completion: Fall 2021

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Boston Car Service Rates slashed for Winter 2020

For the convenience of our travelers and to counter the slowdown of winter. has slashed taxi fares and Boston airport car service rates till Feb 2020. Please use this opportunity to book your rides in advance.  Additionally, we have also reduced the Child Seat price from $10 to $5 for infant and toddlers’ car seats.  Booster seats are now available for just $1

boston airport car service with child seat

We have always given maximum priority for our baby guests and considered their safety and comfort our first priority. Refer to Boston baby car seat rules on our website here. With lower child seat fees the overall price of booking now comes down by $8 to $25 for regular bookings within 20 miles.
We have also started car services to New Hampshire recently. Boston Airport Express covers Nashua, Manchester, and Concord in NH and offers long-distance rides and airport pick up and drop service from Boston Logan International Airport.
car services to new hamsphire

4 Reasons Why to Use Limo and Car Services Through the Winter

Winters aren’t enjoyable, especially when it’s bitterly cold, with temperatures plummeting and snow and frost spotted everywhere. Driving in such conditions is dangerous, resulting in serious accidents. Trying to brave the extreme weather in Boston by pressing on your own is a big mistake, and we recommend you steer away from that idea. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be confined to your home and stop your business operations. You can’t stop your business, and neither your corporate travels.

Regardless of weather conditions, there will always be another meeting, another presentation, and another appointment. You’ll have to work full-time at the office, and the roads will be wet and slippery. So, what’s the solution? How can you make your winter driving woes a little more manageable? Perhaps now is the time to hire a chauffeured car for all your logan transportation needs in the freezing winters.

first snowstorm of 2019

Why You Should Avoid Dangerous Driving Conditions

Snow makes driving challenging and dangerous. Winter snows reduce visibility, and the roads get covered with ice. There are often accidents in the winters on the way, slowing you down, which may make you angry and frustrated. Hiring a chauffeured driver will undoubtedly make your road travels less frustrating, and you can be on time for work. Chauffeured limousine and car service drivers are trained to drive in inclement weather, and they can navigate better and drive safely despite the adverse weather conditions. Besides, they’re also better experienced in finding the quickest route to get you from point A to point B. Eventually, you’ll feel less stressed about having to focus on navigating a precarious road, stay relaxed, and focus on your working on your presentation.

1. Icy and Slushy Roads

If you have a tight schedule getting from point A to point B can be difficult unless you’re wise enough to book a chauffeured limo or car service. This way, you don’t have to worry about the problems of driving in icy or snowy conditions. Besides, you don’t have to think about driving carefully and responsibly. Limo drivers are professionals and trained to drive in inclement weather. So hire a chauffeured limousines and cars can focus on your big meeting or your date with your special someone.

2. No Waiting Outside

Winters can be harsh. It’s cold and wet, and waiting outside for the valet to bring your car to you, or walking to your car in the parking lot doesn’t make a lot of sense. What if someone brings the vehicle or a limo to you, and you hop right it? Just let your chauffeur know the time to pick you up, and you’re good to go.  A professional driver will provide you his/her number and you can call or send a quick text straight away informing them you’re ready, some companies even have mobile apps so you can track your ride in real-time. No hassle involved.

Furthermore, you’re less exposed to the elements. It may seem trivial at first, but know this, you won’t like to get your hand all wet and cold in the icy, rainy weather when opening your car. Instead, you would prefer having your chauffeur do that for you. A trained, professional limo or car chauffeur will happily greet you, open your door, put your luggage, briefcases, or bags inside the car or the trunk, so that you don’t have to suffer through it.

3. Chauffeured Limousines and Cars Are More Reliable

The regular cars have a lot of problems in the winter. You’ve to clean them, unstuck frozen doors, ice-covered windshields, and deal with a whole bunch of other problems. Why not have someone do all the prepping of the car for travel? A quality chauffeur makes sure that his/her vehicle is in optimal working condition before picking up clients and takes care of every small detail. 

4. The Car is Already Warm

This one is no brainer. One of the best perks of hiring chauffeured limousines and cars for transportation is not having to wait for the vehicle to heat up. After all, there’s nothing more annoying than getting inside a cold car. Your driver has already warmed the insides of the car when he arrives to take you to work or somewhere else. You don’t have to wait for your car heater to start working or wait for the windshield to defrost. By the time your limo or car arrives, everything to be ready for you to stretch out and enjoy your commute.

A ‘Beary’ Merry Christmas 2019

Boston Airport Express wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. This Christmas, if you are looking forward to spending quality time with your family by heading to someplace, our car service is available at your disposal. Just go to our website and choose the car according to your needs and select the date you want to travel. We will be there at your given time on your given address. Booking with Boston Airport Express Services will ensure that you are getting the maximum comfort and safety throughout the journey.

christmas celebration in 2019 get 10% off on car services

We comprise a fleet of well-kept cars with professional and expert drivers behind the wheels to ensure your safety and ease. Moreover, we are offering flat 10% off on all our car services, The offer will continue to be implemented at the end of December as well as the new year. We also offer amenities such as water bottle, WiFi, child support seats, and extra-luggage facilities according to the Boston law. 


First Snowstorm of 2019

Boston has received first heavy snowfall just after Thanksgiving 2019. Further snowstorms are expected to bring more snow so regular you may find it hard to get taxis 24×7 in Boston Area this week. Boston Airport Express tries to reach people with prior bookings during heavy snow, but if the weather is too harsh and does not permit driving we might have to cancel a booking as the last resort. Here are some pics from last night’s snowfall in Cambridge MA.

first snowstorm of 2019
Since Airport Car Service in Boston is our primary offering, we advise our customers to keep 1-2 hours extra in hand and leave for the airport much ahead of time. You can reschedule your bookings with us accordingly. We keep monitoring the weather and reach for service as soon as the roads are clear. We appreciate your support and understanding of the weather conditions and how it affects the taxi business. 
Thank You
Boston Airport Express Management