Boston Locals Coping with Florida Storms that are one Thousand Miles Away

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Posted on : September 28, 2022

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Boston Airport Express: Travel from and into Tampa is now shut down as a storm is moving in. The majority of flights from the area are currently canceled. Many people took the last flight from Tampa to avoid dealing with the battery altogether. Some choose to stay in the place, and their families watch how they make their way to a more secure location.

Janet Jimenez’s daughter Angie is a junior at The University of Tampa. These past several days have been an educational experience.

“Everyone was trying for places to go, as the school was closed and there was a mandatory evacuation,” said Angie Jimenez. “We are all in a state of panic. We are thousands of miles from our children,” said Janet Jimenez. “We saw closed homes and people trying to get out and finish their work. It was crazy. Is this your first time doing it? It’s my first time doing it, so I’m not sure which direction to take,” said Angie Jimenez.

Angie initially drove to her friend’s home in Cape Coral, but when that area began reporting possible issues, they changed their route to Fort Lauderdale. “You must not wait since then. You’ll not be able to leave,” said Janet Jimenez.

Stasia Kacprzak, checks in on her sister, traveling from the Tampa region towards Destin, Florida, to get out of the hurricane’s path. Boston 25, her friend, asked to share what made her decide to move.

“Well, everyone else was saying it was going be very unpopular on television as well as on the radio,” she said.

It’s been slow in the case of Angie and her companion, but they’re road-tripping as pros, showing us their packed bags of snacks. And, even if it’s hundreds of kilometers away, her mother is doing her best to be a mother. “I would like to see you feeding the driver well,” Janet Jimenez said. “The driver’s diet is well. Make sure you take to take care of her.” the daughter of her said.

Currently, it’s uncertain when flights to and from the Tampa region will resume. Boston Airport Express shall be obliged to serve its customers who are disappointed due to flight delays.

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