Boston logan international airport

Logan Airport will soon be among top 10 busiest airports in the world

As JetBlue and Delta are fighting it off for the upper hand at Logan, it is on its way to becoming one of the most bustling airports in the country. The battle between the two airlines is not only helping Logan increase the number of new routes but also in becoming one of the top ten busiest airports in the country by 2022.

The average growth rate of airports in the United States is at 3 percent. However, Logan is marking a passenger rate growth of about 5 percent a year. That means millions of more travellers flying out of Logan.

Delta is expected to add 60 daily new flights out of Boston by 2021, which will increase the number of daily passengers to 10,500. JetBlue is also adding 40 new flights a day, increasing the number of daily customers to 5,100. JetBlue is expected to begin flights from Boston to London in 2021. Both the airlines combined will add around 5.7 million seats a year.

Currently, Boston ranks as the 15th busiest airport in the country, coming up from 17th busiest from 2015.

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