Cape Cod Cutting on Emission Poses a Transportation Challenge for the Car-Centric Region

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Posted on : July 15, 2021

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Cape Cod Cutting on Emission Poses a Transportation Challenge

Cape Cod is making an environment-friendly decision to cut its greenhouse gas output, and the need to restrict transportation emissions is rising, especially among car-centric regions.

The draft climate action plan released by Cape Cod regional planning authority in April states that transportation is responsible for more than 55% of greenhouse emissions in the area. The report also recommends more environment-friendly methods to be incorporated, such as using electric vehicles, strengthening public transit, and creating land-use policies to reduce the number of gas-driven vehicles on the roads. 

Nevertheless, with the rapidly shifting economy and the current development patterns, the incorporation of new measures faces a substantial challenge. Especially, it will be difficult for taxi drivers providing car services from Boston to Cape Cod.

Cape Cod sprawls over an area of 400 square miles and accommodates roughly 215,000 people year-round. This population, however, grows triple during Summer as vacationers and second homeowners gather in the area. Cape Cod has heavily relied on cars due to the historical development of the region. 

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The need for electric vehicles

In order to cut down on the emission, electric vehicles need to be adopted as the go-to method of transportation. Nevertheless, although the regional climate plan calls for the development of new charging stations, the execution of these strategies is out of the commission’s control as utility and property owners will need to execute the installation.

Electric vehicle owners are mostly anxious about running out of charge on their vehicles and not having a charging dock around.

Improving public transportation

The second stage to slashing the greenhouse emission is to improve public transportation, allowing people to get around easily without having to resort to their vehicles. Fortunately, such methods have been in development for several years in Cape Cod. 

Ridership is up as bus lines are now able to connect all 15 Cape towns with more direct service, shuttles being available five times a week to transport locals to Boston Hospital, and flexible services being allowing travelers to make advance reservations. Train travel is also being considered.

Although the state of the public transportation is in good shape, there is still a lot to be done to attract residents and visitors to public transportation in Cape Cod.

Image Credits- Cape Cod Factory Outlet Mall building


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