Is Peanut Butter Restricted on Flights? Here’s what the TSA says

As a leading airport transportation service, Boston Airport Express wants to make sure that all our customers are aware of the latest travel regulations enforced by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Recently, there have been reports about peanut butter being considered a liquid by the TSA, which means that it falls under the same category as other liquids, gels, and aerosols.

One passenger, Patrick Neve, shared his confusion on Twitter after TSA agents flagged him for trying to bring peanut butter through airport security.

In his tweet, Neve asked the agents to clarify which category peanut butter falls under, leading to the TSA confirmed that peanut butter is considered a liquid and reminding travelers that it needs to be 3.4 oz or less in carry-on luggage.

Another traveler shared a similar experience where they were forced to throw out their peanut butter at the TSA checkpoint, despite it being used up to make sandwiches.

This raised concerns about the inconsistency in the TSA’s rules, as the traveler pointed out that it would have been okay to bring the peanut butter if it had already been used up.

To clarify the regulations, the TSA’s website states that peanut butter of any size can be packed in a checked bag, but for a carry-on, it must be 3.4 oz or less.

Other items, such as salsa, sauces, hummus, creamy dips and spreads, and ice cream, are also considered liquids and have the same carry-on limitations as peanut butter.

At Boston Airport Express, we want our customers to have a stress-free and smooth travel experience. We advise all our customers to review the TSA’s rules and regulations before their trip and make sure that all their carry-on items meet the requirements.

When you book a ride with Boston Airport Express, you can trust us to get you to the airport safely and on time. Don’t let travel regulations stress you out. Book a ride for car service in boston with Boston Airport Express today!

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Flight Delays and Cancellations at Boston and New York Airports Due to Nor’easter Storm

Logan International Airport Hall

Boston Airport Express, the leading airport transportation service provider in the Greater Boston Area, has been dealing with a challenging situation as the Nor’easter slammed the East Coast.

With more than 1,500 flights delayed and 800 canceled on Tuesday, many passengers have been struggling to reach their destinations.

The bad weather has had a significant impact on airport travel. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says that New York’s LaGuardia Airport is in a “ground delay” because of the weather, which causes average flight delays of about two hours.

In addition, ground stops at Newark Liberty and John F. Kennedy airports are also “possible” on Tuesday, the FAA told CNN.

According to FlightAware, the storm has had a significant impact on Boston’s Logan Airport, with more than 110 flights scheduled to take off and more than 110 scheduled to land canceled.

Passengers have been stranded, and some have turned to Boston Airport Express to help them reach their destinations safely.

Customer service workers for the company have been working nonstop to help customers get through the chaos caused by the storm.

A customer shared an experience related to flight delays, stating that her flight was canceled due to the She was devastated because she was supposed to attend an important business meeting in New York City.  ”

We assured her that we would do everything in our power to get her to her destination safely and on time. Linda reached

The slippery conditions at Syracuse Hancock Airport in upstate New York also led to a Delta flight sliding off the taxiway Tuesday morning, according to WRVO, an NPR affiliate.

Boston Airport Express knows that going to the airport during a nor’easter can be dangerous and stressful. The company wants to make sure that its boston to new york car service are safe and reliable so that people can get to their destinations on time.

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JFK Airport Terminal 1 In New York Has Been Given Full Power Again.

John_F._Kennedy_International_Airport_Sign (1)

JFK airport has begun its attempt to become fully functional. Boston Airport Express gathers that on Saturday, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced that Terminal 1 at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport now has full power.

Once “essential electrical repairs” were finished overnight, “limited flight activity” began at the airport’s international terminal early on Saturday morning, according to the statement.

Other building systems are being looked at and brought back online, and all safety and security systems are fully working.

According to an earlier CNN report, the Terminal 1 power outage started on Thursday and lasted all day Friday.

A Port Authority statement from before said that 5% of all scheduled passenger flights at JFK leave from Terminal 1.

According to an announcement made on Saturday afternoon, of the 64 arrivals and departures that were originally planned for today at Terminal 1, 26 will happen there, 28 will happen at other JFK terminals or other airports, and 10 will be moved to another day.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said in a statement on Thursday that the outage was caused by a broken electrical panel at Terminal 1 that led to a “small, isolated fire” that was quickly put out.

The statement read, “The power loss is now impacting the terminal’s capacity to accept inbound and outgoing planes. “According to the Port Authority, the impacted planes were accommodated at other terminals.

According to FlightAware’s flight tracking website, an Air New Zealand flight scheduled to land at JFK at 5:40 p.m. ET on Thursday was returned to its starting airport.

According to the JFK website, several international planes that were supposed to land at JFK were instead sent to other East Coast airports like Washington Dulles International Airport, Boston’s Logan International Airport, and Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey.

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Delta Is Introducing Daily Nonstop Service Between Louisville and Boston.

Delta Airlines

Thanks to Delta Air Lines, travel between Louisville and Boston will be simpler in the upcoming year. The addition of a daily nonstop service between Boston Logan International Airport and Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport by Delta was announced on Thursday.

With American announcing two daily flights this year as well, this becomes the third daily flight between Louisville and Boston. The launch day for the new flight is May 8, 2023.

The Louisville Regional Airport Authority’s executive director, Dan Mann, stated that the announcement from Delta was a terrific way to end the year. “We appreciate their support and investment in providing more options at SDF, which speaks very strongly of the health of our market and demand from local tourists.”

Due to Boston’s role as a hub, this new service strengthens Louisville residents’ connections to the Northeast while also opening up opportunities for international travel.

Additionally, Delta currently provides nonstop service from Louisville to five significant cities: Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, New York, and, as of recently, Boston.

Are you planning on visiting Louisville then? Or anywhere through  Boston Logan Airport? Book tickets and pack your bags today and you can leave the rest to us, We take care of all your airport transportation needs with our comfortable and convenient Boston Car Services.

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Delta Has Added Six New Routes That Compete Directly with American Airlines.

Delta Airlines

This season has been a busy one for Delta Air Lines’ network planners. Six new domestic routes were filed by the Atlanta-based carrier over the Christmas weekend. While the new flights won’t begin until the spring of 2023, tickets can be purchased beginning this past Sunday, December 25.

This gives vacationers who are hoping to get away to a warmer climate a wide variety of options. You can find the complete list of the six routes below, all of which serve to improve accessibility in the Northeast.

Want More Airline-Specific News?

  • Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) — Memphis International Airport (MEM), once-daily service starts on May 8, 2023.
  • BOS — Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport (SDF), once-daily service starts on May 8, 2023.
  • Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) — Nashville International Airport (BNA), three-times-daily service starts on Oct. 9, 2023.
  • DCA — Orlando International Airport (MCO), twice-daily service starts on Oct 9, 2023.
  • DCA — Miami International Airport (MIA), once-daily service starts on Oct. 9, 2023.
  • LaGuardia Airport (LGA) — Clinton National Airport (LIT) serving Little Rock, Arkansas, once-daily service starts on May 8, 2023.

Republic Airways, a Delta Connection affiliate, will be flying the majority of the new routes in an Embraer E175 regional jet, which can seat 76 passengers across 12 first-class recliners, 20 Comfort+ extra-legroom seats, and 44 economy seats in a spacious 2-2 configuration.

Delta’s Airbus A320 has 157 seats, and it will be used for flights between Washington, D.C., and Miami and Orlando. Delta’s A320s have 123 economy seats, 18 Comfort+ seats with extra legroom, and 16 first-class recliners.

When each of these six routes launches, Delta will not have a monopoly. Actually, American Airlines serves all six markets, so on every route Delta operates, it will be competing directly with one of its major rivals.

Though, most of the flights all over North America are getting canceled this news brings some hope for Boston Car service providers, like us. Despite the cold weather and snow storms Boston Airport Express continues to serve customers in need of taxi cabs in Massachusetts.

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15 U.S. Airports Workers Rally and Strike Demanding Better Working Conditions

Thousands of workers at 15 U

Boston Airport Express has continuously raised questions about the situation of staff at Logan Airport. There is a high shortage of staff at the Boston Logan Airport which the authorities have been unable to fill so far.

In support of better working conditions, thousands of employees at 15 American airports organized the action. “Airport workers like me and working people all across the economy are fed up,” said one of the rally organizers.

The demonstrations backed the “Good Jobs for Good Airports Act,” which Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., introduced in June. The plan is for airport service workers to get a minimum hourly wage of $15, paid time off, holidays, good health care, and other benefits. It would be comparable to what is currently given to other federal contractors.

“Without us, nobody could visit their families over the holidays in safety. Although it makes me feel immensely proud to see passengers’ smiles, Montalvo said, “It comes at a huge cost when I can’t support my own family on poverty wages.”

Airport workers in Newark, O’Hare, and Logan went on strike to protest what they said were unfair working conditions at their direct employer, Swissport International AG.

The recent strike by airport car service workers is sure to have a big impact on car service transportation in and around airports. These workers provide a vital service, transporting passengers to and from the airport quickly and safely.
This could make it harder for passengers to get to and from the airport in a timely manner, leading to delays and inconvenience.

Image Credits- Boston Logan Airport

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Logan Airport Witness Busiest Day of the Year Post Thanksgiving

Logan International Airport Hall

Boston  Airport Express has been notified that Logan Airport has finally seen its busiest day of the year  The day after Thanksgiving – often referred to as the busiest air travel day of the year – is when airport lines start to pile up. Earlier this morning, long lines were already forming at Logan Airport in Boston.

“I know it’s a huge travel day today, so I’m not surprised it’s super busy,” said Haley, Director of Boston. “It’s busier than when I landed.” While no one expected the TSA lines to be quite this busy so early on a Sunday morning, there are about 13,000 more passengers screened on the Monday following Thanksgiving this year compared to last.

One of our regular cab users remarked “It’s good to see people finally being able to fly during holidays. Guess we’re finally out of covid”

The TSA and the Massachusetts Port Authority recommend arriving two hours early for your domestic flight to leave enough time to get through security. “I just came too early, my flight is three hours away, but I thought I should come early,” said Satyapriya Krishna.

“This is the busiest I’ve seen it, and I usually don’t fly during this time of year.” The TSA released advice to help people get through security faster. They recommend having your license or other ID ready while waiting in line to save time when you reach the checkpoint.

They also suggested putting items – such as your cellphone, lip balm, or wallet – into your carry-on so you can have them screened by airport security faster.

We request our customers to be cautious of their flight times and book in well advance for a safer and more comfortable journey. We often see people who miss their flights in a matter of minutes.

Do remember to check your expected travel time to Logan Airport Express from your locality.

Boston Airport Express will see a high rise in its road activities because of people returning to their place post thanksgiving. we urge everyone to make their booking in well advance. Make your fun time assured on thanksgiving with logan airport transfer.

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Flyplay Offers International Flights to Boston Beginning at $99

Boston Airport Express is delighted to inform you about the offer for your World Tourism Day. The Iceland-based PLAY began flying from Logan Airport in May and offers passengers the option of booking $99 one-way tickets on Round-trip tickets to Iceland and $129 for one-way tickets round-trip.

Travelers who want to take advantage of this deal between September 27, and travelers who want to visit the Icelandic landscapes of Thingvellir National Park, Blue Lagoon, and many more destinations will pay less than $100 on PLAY in the sale on flights from Sept. 27 to Sunday.

To mark World Tourism Day on Tuesday, the Iceland-based PLAY has begun flying from Logan Airport in May. It offers passengers the option of booking $99 one-way tickets on Round-trip tickets to Iceland and $129 for one-way tickets for round-trip flights towards Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Liverpool, Paris, and London Stansted, from Boston, Baltimore, and New York.

The advertised fare is per person, per one-way flight when booking round-trip flights from Baltimore BWI, Boston BOS, and New York SWF to Iceland KEF or Berlin BER, Brussels BRU, Copenhagen CPH, Dublin DUB, Liverpool LPL, London STN or Paris CDG via Iceland on their website.

The fare includes all mandatory taxes, fees, and carrier charges. Restrictions and baggage fees apply.

The deal is available to travelers between September. 27 until October. 2. For travel between October. 1 to December. 15. The price includes all required fees, taxes, and charges for the carrier. There are restrictions and baggage charges.

The airline says its “pay-for-what-you-need” model keeps fares affordable. Passengers receive one item for personal use. However, they must pay for enhancements like checked baggage, food, additional legroom, etc.

We already see several bookings for the Boston Airport Transfer by the customers who plan on flying on world tourism day. Massachusetts would be a busy state on Tuesday due to World Tourism Day and the various offers by hotels, museums, and tourists spot. Books a ride with us on the day to take you anywhere in the state you want.

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Numerous flights delayed and cancelled due to bad weather on the east coast.

BOSTON – There’s been numerous delays and cancellations in the vicinity of Logan Airport because of stormy conditions along the East Coast. The FAA requested an emergency ground flight stop at Logan Airport on Thursday evening.

The tarmac reminded me of that of the Southeast Expressway during rush hour. A passenger of Boston Airport Express who was on one of these planes shared this with us. He was coming to watch Thursday evening’s Celtics NBA Finals game but was stuck at the airport in New York as his flight was cancelled.

He said the tickets for Boston Celtics final game was quite costly and that he had managed two tickets with a lot of difficulty. “There is not much I can do about the flight cancellation”, and Mr Barner booked our car service from New York to Boston and reached Boston slightly late but enough to join the second quarter of the Game.
Within the terminals, the frustration was leaking out. The FAA had ordered an emergency ground stop for over an hour following severe weather that affected airports along the East Coast.

“I waited for 11 hours, before the flight finally took off” another passenger told me. “I was 12 hours off the schedule. But I guess it is better to be safe & late than risk the nature fury.”
In the United States More than 188,000 flight delays were reported while 3500 flights were cancelled.

In an announcement, Delta said, “Weather challenges at airports across the northeast today have caused congestion for both arrivals and departures at Boston Logan International Airport. We apologize to customers for any inconvenience as Delta teams work with ATC to get customers on their way as quickly and safely as possible.”

FlightAware estimates that about 10% of flights departing from Logan were cancelled, however an astonishing 34% had delays.
The travel troubles are a result of the executives of airlines meet with Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg to discuss how airlines can handle the busy summer season.

The Terminal of Logan Airport in Boston. Logan Airport was evacuated, the suspicious device was identified as PlayStation

Operation at Logan International Airport in Massachusetts was back to normal Monday when Terminal A was evacuated following the discovery of a suspicious item inside a piece of luggage, according to the Boston Police Department.

State police officials said TSA agents at Terminal A were screening checked luggage for a Delta flight when they saw the suspicious item at about 4:05 p.m. Sunday, which prompted them to call for the MSP Bomb Squad, who then called in MSP Hazardous Devices to the scene immediately.

“Troopers with the bomb squad determined that the item was a PlayStation Vita video game console. The device triggered the security checkpoint’s alarm when it went through the X-ray machine, which prompted further inspection from TSA screeners. “

According to state police, the condition of the PS Vita had been compromised either by age or damage prior to showing up at the airport for screening. The degraded state of the console was what caused abnormalities in its image, prompting officials to take extra steps toward investigating.

“For the investigation of the suspicious package found in Terminal A and for the secondary sweep of the terminal, passengers were evacuated to the sidewalk as originally planned.”

“Troopers issued the all-clear just at 5 p.m. They let passengers re-enter their terminals.”

“I had a 6 p.m. flight and I was just getting to the airport. When I got out of the car, a bunch of people ran out screaming, so I got back in the car. I didn’t hear what they were screaming about,” said Pam Lovano. “Then we drove around the terminals again. By the time we got back, Terminal A had been closed by the cops and I could see the people standing outside.”

One person who was from Logan Airport said he was on a plane when he and fellow passengers were told to exit the plane.

A spokesperson from Delta Air Lines said the company will hold flights for the duration of time that is feasible and will allow and re-book customers when needed.