Boston South Road is Still Closed, advised to take alternative routes.

Boston Airport Express would like to inform our riders about the delay in the reconstruction of Boston Road South caused by sewer work going on in Holbeach. Travelers are advised to avoid taking the road because it’ll be closed. Transportation services by Boston airport express have been taking different routes with their riders to avoid any kind of inconvenience and delay.

The news is. Anglian Water continued to work on the street that was hit by the sinkhole for weeks. This is continuing into next week. It is just the latest delay in a long line of delays. LCC was originally scheduled to begin on Monday, July 4. However, LCC has extended the start date of rebuilding the road to Monday, July 11, and then Monday, Jul 18.

This means that Lincolnshire County Council will not be able to start the road reconstruction as planned on Monday, July 18. The wait for sewer lining repairs to be completed has continued into next week.

So, we request our customers to consider this information while booking a cab in order to avoid any kind of confusion.

While sewer repairs are underway, work crews can’t begin the deep digging to shore up the road’s substrate.

An extensive set of work will be done between Holbeach Primary School and Cecil Pywell Avenue, once the road reconstruction can get underway.

According to the council, these repairs will be done in two phases. The sub-layer will be addressed in the first section. The second part will address the road surface and markings. The road must remain closed until all works are complete.

Coun Richard Davies is the executive member for highways. He stated: “The sewerworks that AW are undertaking are difficult and proving more time-consuming than originally thought.

This means that the rebuilding process will be delayed for at least a few more days. Most such delays are factored in by our automatic reservation system, which is based on google maps live road data.

Numerous flights delayed and cancelled due to bad weather on the east coast.

BOSTON – There’s been numerous delays and cancellations in the vicinity of Logan Airport because of stormy conditions along the East Coast. The FAA requested an emergency ground flight stop at Logan Airport on Thursday evening.

The tarmac reminded me of that of the Southeast Expressway during rush hour. A passenger of Boston Airport Express who was on one of these planes shared this with us. He was coming to watch Thursday evening’s Celtics NBA Finals game but was stuck at the airport in New York as his flight was cancelled.

He said the tickets for Boston Celtics final game was quite costly and that he had managed two tickets with a lot of difficulty. “There is not much I can do about the flight cancellation”, and Mr Barner booked our car service from New York to Boston and reached Boston slightly late but enough to join the second quarter of the Game.
Within the terminals, the frustration was leaking out. The FAA had ordered an emergency ground stop for over an hour following severe weather that affected airports along the East Coast.

“I waited for 11 hours, before the flight finally took off” another passenger told me. “I was 12 hours off the schedule. But I guess it is better to be safe & late than risk the nature fury.”
In the United States More than 188,000 flight delays were reported while 3500 flights were cancelled.

In an announcement, Delta said, “Weather challenges at airports across the northeast today have caused congestion for both arrivals and departures at Boston Logan International Airport. We apologize to customers for any inconvenience as Delta teams work with ATC to get customers on their way as quickly and safely as possible.”

FlightAware estimates that about 10% of flights departing from Logan were cancelled, however an astonishing 34% had delays.
The travel troubles are a result of the executives of airlines meet with Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg to discuss how airlines can handle the busy summer season.

Gas Prices in Massachusetts break record Overnight

Gas Prices in Massachusetts break record Overnight

People are witnessing a shock with record breaking trends in gas prices this Memorial Day . In this week’s market, prices already at a record level they in  Massachusetts and it continues to set records after record for increasing gas prices with no relaxation in sight. This gets tough for transportation companies in the state. For car service providers in Boston, with luxury vehicles that burn up fuel much faster than regular economic vehicles, this is getting unbearable.

Within Downtown Boston, it feels that the cost of gasoline can range from $4.90 and $5.20 for each gallon. There are some Shell or Gulf petrol stations in the South End that are even asking for $5.60 per gallon. The Cape Cod region is pretty much the same with an average price that is about $4.80 per gallon. So, this is compelling us to add fuel surcharges to our car ride services. 

Gas Prices on the 1st of June 2022 

Average gas price in Massachusetts : 
$4.76 / Gallon
Average gas price in the USA:
$4.67 / Gallon
Average price of Mid-grade gasoline:
$5.09 / Gallon
Average price of Premium Gas :
$5.35 / Gallon
Average price of Diesel : 
$6.25 / Gallon

At an average price of $4.76 the figure is the highest number ever recorded in Massachusetts as per American Automobile Association. It’s quite a leap from the cost of a gallon of gasoline in 2013, when the average price for Massachusetts of $2.92. The increase in the price of gasoline is correlated with the ongoing situation in Ukraine due to the continuing Russian incursion.

Other factors also contribute to the sudden price rise. For instance, crude oil is currently trading at $118 per barrel, which is up 71 percent than a year ago. Additionally, the strain on refineries, who are trying to meet the demand, as more people are returning to work. 

While more people returning to work and international travel and domestic travel starting to rise again was welcome news for taxi cab and car service providers, the fuel price rise is now a dampening factor. 

The snowstorm places a heavy burden on US airlines, causing thousands of flight disruptions.

According to the National Weather Service, the Nor’easter would cause severe snowstorms and render movement “extremely difficult for passengers.” Flight tracking website FlightAware said that around 4,900 US flights were canceled between Friday and Sunday. 

When the cycle of cancellation continued, the passengers who were waiting for their flight were stunned, causing individuals to become enraged since their travel options were curtailed. Many airport transport providers in Boston, like us, were also affected due to the disruptions.

According to analysts, the US airline business has already been impacted by COVID and innovative forms of technology such as – Zoom, which have limited individuals to their homes and have had a negative impact on the sector. 

The weather has exacerbated the difficulties faced by the aviation sector, which is still recovering from disruption caused by the Omicron coronavirus strain. Because of an upsurge in COVID-19 diagnoses within workers, airlines have been forced to cancel flights in the past. The next set of questions for the US airline is how long they will need to keep their passengers awaiting and just how much further they can endure.

As travelers waited for their aircraft to take off, the terrible news of a delay shocked the whole US airline system and the travelers who were flying with them. The present weather conditions have had a significant impact on US airlines since sales were already sluggish, and now the storm has damaged the sector again, worsening the situation.

As passengers were comfortably traveling and promoting the aviation sector, a storm blew away all efforts and destroyed the whole administrative structure.

The snowstorm follows a similar snowstorm that swept a span of eastern North America – from Georgia to Canada – only two weeks earlier, knocking out electricity to industries and homes and postponing flights. The United States Airlines looks forward to the good old times when passengers could travel freely and without so many prohibitions.

Terminal B to C connector at Logan Airport

Massport is working on futuristic traffic management and user experience boosting infrastructural changes. The construction will be completed in late 2021. When this is ready, travelers at Boston International Airport will be able to change terminals post-security checking.

Terminal C is also under a massive up-gradation and optimization process.

How Travelers will benefit from this Massport initiative?

  • One consolidated security check zone.
  • Option for travelers to commute between Terminal C and Terminal B post-security check.
  • Renovated public spaces pre and post-security.
  • Better food and retail facilities.
  • Renovations to four existing aircraft gates.

Timing & Costs:

Project Capital: $200 million
Project Start: Fall 2019
Project Completion: Fall 2021

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Logan Airport Introduces New Ride-Share Plan to JetBlue and Delta

Boston’s Logan International Airport is finally introducing the long-discussed ride-share pickup changes.

The changes will see the current Uber and Lyft pickup lots moving from specific areas near each terminal to a centralised location built inside the airport’s Central Parking Garage.

Passengers passing through Terminal A and C will see the difference first because of the two terminals serving both JetBlue and Delta.

Massport, on Friday, announced a timeline for when the switch will take place.

Starting Monday, October 28, passengers travelling through Terminal A and C, who are planning on using pickup services such as Uber or Lyft, will be picked up at Central Parking Garage.

Terminal A receives Delta and JetBlue, while Terminal C serves JetBlue, Aer Lingus, Silver Airways, Cape Air and TAP. 

From November 4, passengers arriving through Terminal B and E, If they plan on using Uber or Lyft, will be picked up at Central Parking Garage as well.

Terminal B serves American Airlines, Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and Boutique Air, and Terminal E serves all international airlines and all international arrivals in addition to a handful of domestic flights.

On Monday, November 11, all ride-share drop-offs between a timeline of 4 a.m to 10 a.m will move from the upper-level departure curbs to lower level terminal curbs. 

On December 11, Logan Airport is also planning to move all ride-share drop-offs to the central Parking Garage, unless they are between 4 a.m to 10 a.m.

The Logan Airport officials pushed for the changes to alleviate the situation of traffic congestion during peak hours.