Toddler dies in car crash Rutland,MA

There are sad reports that the Boy involved in the car crash in Rutland, MA has succumbed to the fatal injuries. The 2 year old toddler was run over in a driveway at his family home.

Worcester police reported at the accident site on after a report of child hit by vehicle was registered. The child was rushed to “UMass Memorial Medical Center” where he latter succumbed to the injuries.

The child and the driver’s identification have not been declared yet. We all need to be careful with our kids and even driveways in residential blocks can be fatal to little ones. Drivers are generally slow in residential areas but minor accidents can sometimes be fatal for small children below 5 years.

This is one reason we insist on the safety of child passengers with proper child seats. Even if there is an accident we can at-least protect the young ones to a greater extent as they are more prone to life risks in such situation.

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