Massachusetts Woman steals car – car breaks down – gets arrested.

Merrimack Police Department, NH, has reported that a bay state woman named Ellen Carideo first stole a car, but as irony would have it, the car broke down while she was on the run and the rest was an easy task for Merrimack Police Department. The convict is said to be from Salem, MA and the car she stole faced a break down on Daniel Webster highway.

A car was reported stolen on 31st July in Salem MA, and police were working on the case. On 1st August NH police receive a vehicle break down support request from a stranded vehicle in the breakdown lane on Daniel Webster highway. Officer Tarleton who answered the call at the break down location took the vehicle registration number at the scene and sent for inquiry. It was then clear to NH police that the vehicle was stolen.

A quick scan of the driving license revealed that Carideo’s driving permit was cancelled in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. She was arrested and produced in court for hearing and sentence.

The owner of the vehicle had left the car in the parking with the keys in place. The accused then jumped at the opportunity and rode away with the car. We advice all MA and NH residents to be more alert and not to be careless with their possessions; especially cars.

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