Gov. Baker declares Green Friday in Massachusetts

BOSTON (AP) — When the entire world is going crazy about Black Friday, Massachusetts decided to try Green Friday.

In order to promote Green Friday, Gov. Charlie Baker and his administration is encouraging people to buy their Christmas trees, holiday plants and wreaths from local farmers.

According to Baker the nursery industry in Massachusetts helps drive the economy. He believes that by shopping for garland and other seasonal decorations at farms, people can make a difference. He urges that everyone should buy trees and garlands at farms, farmers’ markets, roadside stands and nurseries instead of big box stores.

The state has around 400 Christmas tree farms and the state Department of Agriculture shared that the holidays create hundreds of seasonal jobs at the farms.

As per the state Department of Agriculture the farms generate $1.4 million each year for the country.

State officials also requested residents to get their old Christmas trees chipped so that they can be used as mulch or compost or burned as fuel.

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