BAE alerts all taxi drivers in Massachusetts against fake currency in NH.

These days counterfeit notes are rampant in different parts of New Hampshire. The issue is particularly critical in Rochester where the local police department has issued a warning to citizens about it. Mostly it has been found to be 20$ bills.

BAE alerts all taxi drivers in Masschuttes against fake currency in NH
According to Rochester PD, both individuals and business are being affected with these fake currency notes. It is quite hard to tell them apart but the fake one has its back side flipped upside down.

The look and feel of the counterfeits are pretty similar to the original and that is why many unsuspecting people do not notice the difference immediately.

Boston Airport Express urges all Taxi Cab drivers in Boston to keep an alert eye for such 20$ fake dollar bills. When you receive fare in cash please take some time to verify the authenticity of the notes. We often take guests from Logan Airport to Manchester and Boston to New York and deal with cash collection for the trip fare.

The source of the fake bills is yet to be determined. We urge the police to solve the issues faster and urge the drivers and passengers in Boston and Massachusetts to be particularly alert when accepting cash in NH, especially Rochester.

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