Unusual Things to Do In Quincy

Quincy is one of the most famous cities in Massachusetts. The city has many popular attractions and landmarks that attract tourists and visitors. This is the largest city in Norfolk County, Massachusettsand has a rich history. The list of attractions includeUnited First Parish Church, Marina Bay, Thomas Crane Public Library, Hancock Cemetery, Quincy Historical Society, Uss Salem and United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum. However, if you are fond of visiting unique, unusual places then here is a list of some exciting places for you.

Spectacle Island Sea Glass Beaches

The beach is a paradise for sea glass collectors as it offers an incredible experience. Spectacle island sea glass beaches is replete with sea glass and pottery from years long past. Having an old and varied history, the island has shards that could be well over 100 years old. If you wish to take back home some beautiful memories then do not forget to bring a camera along. It is not allowed to move the glass and pottery.

Quincy Quarries

Quincy Quarries was opened to supply granite for the Bunker Hill Monument in Boston’s historic Charlestown neighbourhood. It is now open for public and has been linked  to the Blue Hill Reservation trail system. It is one of the most amazing sites for rock climbing and the rock formations here are a sight to watch. They are adorned with a spectacular array of graffiti art. The best time to visit this site is a on a warm, dry day when one can appreciated it from the height of one of its rock. It can be quite challenging on a rainy day when the rock is wet.

Adams National Historic Park

The Adams Historic National Park consists of John Adams’s childhood home and his post-presidential farmstead, “Peace Field.” These are much like a museum that sings the lore of gone days. One can feel the complex mental struggle that made John Adams an extraordinary person that he was.  There is a standing desk inside his first home where he used to craft defence of the British soldiers after the Boston Massacre. One can see a chair inside the Peace Field where Adams sat at the age of 90 as he waved at the passing parade on July 4th, 1826, just hours before his death.In his house, and on his farm, visitors have a chance to see the man behind the history.

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Spectacle Island

Spectacle Island has been involved with recycling and disposal and had a past replete with smelly, funky operations. Known as Boston’s “Recycled island,” the place has been recently renovated and is quite green. There are solar panels to power the center and the ranger’s electric vehicles in the visitor’s panel.

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