Logan International Airport Hall

Logan Airport Witness Busiest Day of the Year Post Thanksgiving

Logan International Airport Hall

Boston  Airport Express has been notified that Logan Airport has finally seen its busiest day of the year  The day after Thanksgiving – often referred to as the busiest air travel day of the year – is when airport lines start to pile up. Earlier this morning, long lines were already forming at Logan Airport in Boston.

“I know it’s a huge travel day today, so I’m not surprised it’s super busy,” said Haley, Director of Boston. “It’s busier than when I landed.” While no one expected the TSA lines to be quite this busy so early on a Sunday morning, there are about 13,000 more passengers screened on the Monday following Thanksgiving this year compared to last.

One of our regular cab users remarked “It’s good to see people finally being able to fly during holidays. Guess we’re finally out of covid”

The TSA and the Massachusetts Port Authority recommend arriving two hours early for your domestic flight to leave enough time to get through security. “I just came too early, my flight is three hours away, but I thought I should come early,” said Satyapriya Krishna.

“This is the busiest I’ve seen it, and I usually don’t fly during this time of year.” The TSA released advice to help people get through security faster. They recommend having your license or other ID ready while waiting in line to save time when you reach the checkpoint.

They also suggested putting items – such as your cellphone, lip balm, or wallet – into your carry-on so you can have them screened by airport security faster.

We request our customers to be cautious of their flight times and book in well advance for a safer and more comfortable journey. We often see people who miss their flights in a matter of minutes.

Do remember to check your expected travel time to Logan Airport Express from your locality.

Boston Airport Express will see a high rise in its road activities because of people returning to their place post thanksgiving. we urge everyone to make their booking in well advance. Make your fun time assured on thanksgiving with logan airport transfer.

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