Suspected burglar tried to escape after stealing from house in a stolen row boat, officers took help from Kayaks to catch him

A man tried to row a stolen boat away from a house he broke into Leicester, but police caught him before he could run away.

It was around 10 a.m. on Thursday morning when a concerned citizen spotted a man climbing a ladder up to Green Street home’s 2nd floor, Leicester police said.

Police sent multiple units to check the house.

They were inspecting when an officer saw a suspect run out a back door with a backpack on his back, Police Chief James Hurley reported.


Police called for help from Oxford police and one of them saw the man rowing the boat across the pond, Hurley said.

“We had the only option left to commandeer two kayaks and they were there with the paddles and life jackets.” which made easy for us.

Police finally caught the suspect and with the help of kayaks identified where the boat was taken.

The suspect was identified as Thomas P. Millot,33, who lived in Tatman Street in Worcester.

The culprit has been charged with breaking and entering the house in the daytime; carrying burglarious instrument; carrying a dangerous weapon and for resisting arrest.

Millot was having a criminal record. According to Westborough Police, Millot was arrested on Aug 29 at a drug treatment facility for slashing an employee with a box cutter after being approach as he attempted to shoplift a baby formula on July 31.

In the starting of this year, he was charged with using a vehicle having no authority to drive and even without a license, according to the Worcester Telegram & Gazette records.

Hurley told that it was department’s second marine rescue case in a row.

A suspect did evade Leicester police also in a rowboat, escaping after when he got across Waite Pond, on November 2015.

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