4 Reasons Why to Use Limo and Car Services Through the Winter

Winters aren’t enjoyable, especially when it’s bitterly cold, with temperatures plummeting and snow and frost spotted everywhere. Driving in such conditions is dangerous, resulting in serious accidents. Trying to brave the extreme weather in Boston by pressing on your own is a big mistake, and we recommend you steer away from that idea. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be confined to your home and stop your business operations. You can’t stop your business, and neither your corporate travels.

Regardless of weather conditions, there will always be another meeting, another presentation, and another appointment. You’ll have to work full-time at the office, and the roads will be wet and slippery. So, what’s the solution? How can you make your winter driving woes a little more manageable? Perhaps now is the time to hire a chauffeured car for all your logan transportation needs in the freezing winters.

first snowstorm of 2019

Why You Should Avoid Dangerous Driving Conditions

Snow makes driving challenging and dangerous. Winter snows reduce visibility, and the roads get covered with ice. There are often accidents in the winters on the way, slowing you down, which may make you angry and frustrated. Hiring a chauffeured driver will undoubtedly make your road travels less frustrating, and you can be on time for work. Chauffeured limousine and car service drivers are trained to drive in inclement weather, and they can navigate better and drive safely despite the adverse weather conditions. Besides, they’re also better experienced in finding the quickest route to get you from point A to point B. Eventually, you’ll feel less stressed about having to focus on navigating a precarious road, stay relaxed, and focus on your working on your presentation.

1. Icy and Slushy Roads

If you have a tight schedule getting from point A to point B can be difficult unless you’re wise enough to book a chauffeured limo or car service. This way, you don’t have to worry about the problems of driving in icy or snowy conditions. Besides, you don’t have to think about driving carefully and responsibly. Limo drivers are professionals and trained to drive in inclement weather. So hire a chauffeured limousines and cars can focus on your big meeting or your date with your special someone.

2. No Waiting Outside

Winters can be harsh. It’s cold and wet, and waiting outside for the valet to bring your car to you, or walking to your car in the parking lot doesn’t make a lot of sense. What if someone brings the vehicle or a limo to you, and you hop right it? Just let your chauffeur know the time to pick you up, and you’re good to go.  A professional driver will provide you his/her number and you can call or send a quick text straight away informing them you’re ready, some companies even have mobile apps so you can track your ride in real-time. No hassle involved.

Furthermore, you’re less exposed to the elements. It may seem trivial at first, but know this, you won’t like to get your hand all wet and cold in the icy, rainy weather when opening your car. Instead, you would prefer having your chauffeur do that for you. A trained, professional limo or car chauffeur will happily greet you, open your door, put your luggage, briefcases, or bags inside the car or the trunk, so that you don’t have to suffer through it.

3. Chauffeured Limousines and Cars Are More Reliable

The regular cars have a lot of problems in the winter. You’ve to clean them, unstuck frozen doors, ice-covered windshields, and deal with a whole bunch of other problems. Why not have someone do all the prepping of the car for travel? A quality chauffeur makes sure that his/her vehicle is in optimal working condition before picking up clients and takes care of every small detail. 

4. The Car is Already Warm

This one is no brainer. One of the best perks of hiring chauffeured limousines and cars for transportation is not having to wait for the vehicle to heat up. After all, there’s nothing more annoying than getting inside a cold car. Your driver has already warmed the insides of the car when he arrives to take you to work or somewhere else. You don’t have to wait for your car heater to start working or wait for the windshield to defrost. By the time your limo or car arrives, everything to be ready for you to stretch out and enjoy your commute.

First Snowstorm of 2019

Boston has received first heavy snowfall just after Thanksgiving 2019. Further snowstorms are expected to bring more snow so regular you may find it hard to get taxis 24×7 in Boston Area this week. Boston Airport Express tries to reach people with prior bookings during heavy snow, but if the weather is too harsh and does not permit driving we might have to cancel a booking as the last resort. Here are some pics from last night’s snowfall in Cambridge MA.

first snowstorm of 2019
Since Airport Car Service in Boston is our primary offering, we advise our customers to keep 1-2 hours extra in hand and leave for the airport much ahead of time. You can reschedule your bookings with us accordingly. We keep monitoring the weather and reach for service as soon as the roads are clear. We appreciate your support and understanding of the weather conditions and how it affects the taxi business. 
Thank You
Boston Airport Express Management

Trail of Catastrophic Devastation: Florence causes ‘Biblical Flooding’ with 17 dead so far.

Hurricane Florence, now a deadly storm, made a landfall on the east coast of the US bringing in historic destruction and devastation for Carolina residents.

Trail of Catastrophic Devastation: Florence causes ‘Biblical Flooding’ with 17 dead so far.

Storm Florence has caused heavy rainfall and flood that spectators are calling ‘Biblical Flooding’ and a ‘thousand- year rainfall event’. The deadly storm has taken a toll of over 17 lives so far with reports of ‘more casualties to be expected’ coming in.

Experts have been warning that the next few days could be critical owing to the destructive round of flooding caused by the storm. Now weakening, Storm Florence is slowly heading west with forecasters fearing the worst as major rivers swell up above record levels. Emergency immediate evacuations in the nearby areas have been ordered causing thousands of people to seek shelter in safety camps.

7,500 people within a mile’s radius of Little River and Cape Fear River have been evacuated so far. Authorities have further ordered evacuation from parts of Fayetteville city that has a population of over 200,000. Mayor Mitch Colvin said, “If you are refusing to leave during this mandatory evacuation, you need to do things like notify your legal next of kin because the loss of life is very, very possible. The worst is yet to come”.

As per US media, the death toll has reached 17 with the latest death of Michael Dalton Prince (23), caused by the flipping of the out of control SUV, he was driving, onto South Carolina’s flooded road. 

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