Best Restaurants in Framingham

Framingham is a historic city in eastern Massachusetts. The city is considered one of the best places with the best life inUnited States. Whether you’re looking to settle here or are here just for a visit, there are a number of restaurants that offer delicious food and selection of drinks. Check out the list of best restaurants in Framingham.

John Harvard’s Brew House

John Harvard’s Brew House,

Shoppers World, 1 Worcester Rd,

Framingham, MA, USA

John Harvard’s Brew House is a great casual place to taste and relish an extensive selection of beers. They also have a multitude of menu options that include salads and comfort foods. It’s an ideal place for enjoying a relaxing evening with friends. If you love to taste something different, try John Harvard’s famous cucumber ale, blueberry ale, or harvest spice beer. John Harvard’s Brew House gets you the best seasonal selections that keep changing based on the season. It also partakes in relevant festivities like Oktoberfest and St. Patrick’s Day.

Mediterranean Turkish Halal Food

Mediterranean Turkish Halal Food,

1609 Concord St,

Framingham, MA, USA

 Mediterranean Turkish Halal Food is one of the best places to have souvlaki and a range of other Mediterranean cuisines including falafel, gyros, and Turkish shawarma. The restaurant serves each order in large portions and the food is extremely delicious. Try their dinner platter, which also comes with complementary sides of salad and rice, and a variety of dipping sauces. The interior of this restaurant is quite small hence it is best appreciated as a takeout restaurant. Mediterranean Turkish Halal Food is certainly one of Framingham’s best restaurants.

Bella Costa Ristorante

Bella Costa Ristorante,

147 Cochituate Rd,

Framingham, MA, USA

 Bella Costa Ristoranteoffers delicious Italian pasta and seafood. The interiors of this restaurant include a bar and live jazz and piano music on Thursdays and Fridayscompliments its atmosphere. Bella Costa also serves Sunday brunch which features Bloody Marys and heart-shaped French toast. Each dish is prepared with fresh and organic ingredients and the presentation is quite remarkable. The delicious food and pleasant, classic interior make it a perfect setting for casual hangouts and classy celebrating. The place is extremely popular with the locals who are in search of the best Italian food in the area. It’s always advisable to make a prior reservation, as Bella Costa Ristorante tends to fill up quickly.

Sichuan Gourmet

Sichuan Gourmet,

271 Worcester Rd,

Framingham, MA, USA

Sichuan Gourmet is renowned for serving delicious Chinese dishes. In fact, some would argue that Sichuan Gourmet’s Chinese food is even better than Boston’s Chinatown’s. From steamy dumplings served in a bamboo container to spicy lamb, every dish has a perfect authentic taste. Their menu has a selection of both spicy and mild items so there is something for every taste and preference. There are some daring dishes as well like duck tongue. The food is served promptly and service is exceptional.

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Popular French Restaurant Near Boston Logan Airport

Boston is a cultural hub of New England and it is America’s oldest city. The city is home to numerous historic sites and renowned museums as well as malls and restaurants. There are various French, Japanese and other restaurants that offer authentic and delicious food at gorgeous settings. For the best French restaurants near Boston Logan Airport, read on.

1. Legal Sea Foods

Legal Sea Foods is the most renowned restaurant in the Boston Logan Airport area. This contemporary chain specializes in upmarket seafood and also serves steaks & cocktails. This popular restaurant is known as the seafood restaurant, offering the freshest and most delicious seafood as well as an extensive wine list and superior service. Expect the best quality seafood here!

2. Wolfgang Puck Restaurant

Known for its amazing customer services and delicious meal, Wolfgang Puck restaurant will make you fall in love with Japanese food all over again. The menu includes some of the best dishes such as James Roper, Bacheofe, Pan Bagnat, Steak Diane and other delicacies.

3. Legal C Bar

Legal C Bar is an Industrial-chic spinoff of Legal Sea Foods and it pairs fish-focused cuisines with specialty wine &cocktails. Legal C Bar is touted as a focused and fantastic social urban venue crafted in casual style so as to offer you a contemporary & comfortable experience. Some of the dishes on the menu include clams, crab, cod, and calamari along with custom cocktails. Whether you like modern bites or traditional dining experiences, at Legal C Bar you will be offered both choices.

4. Troquet

Troquet is crafted in a warm setting offering French-New American dishes as well as a range of wines. For a warm and cozy evening, drop in at Troquet for modern French cuisine and a dazzling Boston Common view to fulfill all your wine-connoisseur fantasies. The restaurant offers a wide selection of French dishes in the most romantic style. Whether you are planning a date night or a family dinner, Troquet is perfect for every occasion.

5. Bistro du Midi

Before we talk about the dishes on the menu, the best thing about Bistro du Midi is the garden view upstairs. With such spectacular views, food tastes even more delicious and scrumptious. For relaxing evening snacks and romantic dinner dates, go can never go wrong with this restaurant.

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