for boston, it's either snow or no snow

How frosty will Boston be for the locals?

Snow will be widely spread but moderate around lunchtime, according to the forecast. As the breezes transition to the northeast, we’ll see some of the ocean-enhanced snow bands from around the South Shore closer to supper time. This will continue until 10 p.m. when the snow becomes more dispersed and loosens up to merely flurries in regions north and west of the coast. Overnight and into Monday morning commute, snow outbreaks proceed to withdraw to the south. Tomorrow morning, a few snowflakes will be with us before slipping off the Cape around mid-morning.

Snowfall accumulation will most likely be highest over the South Shore and into SE Massachusetts, where some of the persistent zones formed throughout. It will be a different scenario south of Boston, especially towards the Cape, where breezes off the ocean will increase the snow action in the region. All of this was caused by a blocked barrier, which was helped along by ocean-effect snow.

From the North Shore through Boston to Worcester, and locations SE to the Cape and Islands, expect 2-4 inches of snow. 4-6 inches possible over the South Shore near Plymouth, Marshfield, and Duxbury, with some ocean-enhanced snow bands forming inland to Middleboro and Carver.

What can we anticipate from the weather in Boston this week?

Monday morning will experience cold weather which will fall until after midnight, then drop off as the sun comes up. It is forecast to rain 3 to 5 inches, with a few inches more possible if there is a little extra moisture associated in the region. Tuesday will be chilly, but there will be less breeze, making it somewhat tolerable for outdoor activities. Temperatures will drop again into the 40s on Wednesday, before rising to the 50s on Thursday and Friday, with rainstorms possible from Thursday evening until Friday early. Saturday will be extremely dry, with daytime temperatures in the low 40s.

What do you think the weather will be like on V-DAY?

For Valentine’s Day, which falls on Sunday, the weather will be much cooler, with high temperatures only hitting the low 20s. This will be accompanied by a chilly wind from the northwest at 10–20 mph, resulting in wind chills in the low double figures to teens for the majority of the day. As the community gears itself for Valentine’s Day and expects to spend it outside with near and dear ones.

First Snow of 2016 in Boston MA

Here are the pics from Boston’s first snow. The first snow was not very heavy it was only 2-4 inches in various places. 29th December brought the first snow and there was no snow even till Christmas 2015.
Again it snowed on 2nd Jan 2016. With more snow on its way transport services are going to be affected. You can still trust your favorite Car Service providers in Boston for any ground transportation needs like airport transfers for business meetings. As long as it is remotely possible to ply on the snowy roads we will reach you in time.

First Snow of 2016 in Boston MA

First Snow of 2016 Boston MA


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