for boston, it's either snow or no snow

How frosty will Boston be for the locals?

Snow will be widely spread but moderate around lunchtime, according to the forecast. As the breezes transition to the northeast, we’ll see some of the ocean-enhanced snow bands from around the South Shore closer to supper time. This will continue until 10 p.m. when the snow becomes more dispersed and loosens up to merely flurries in regions north and west of the coast. Overnight and into Monday morning commute, snow outbreaks proceed to withdraw to the south. Tomorrow morning, a few snowflakes will be with us before slipping off the Cape around mid-morning.

Snowfall accumulation will most likely be highest over the South Shore and into SE Massachusetts, where some of the persistent zones formed throughout. It will be a different scenario south of Boston, especially towards the Cape, where breezes off the ocean will increase the snow action in the region. All of this was caused by a blocked barrier, which was helped along by ocean-effect snow.

From the North Shore through Boston to Worcester, and locations SE to the Cape and Islands, expect 2-4 inches of snow. 4-6 inches possible over the South Shore near Plymouth, Marshfield, and Duxbury, with some ocean-enhanced snow bands forming inland to Middleboro and Carver.

What can we anticipate from the weather in Boston this week?

Monday morning will experience cold weather which will fall until after midnight, then drop off as the sun comes up. It is forecast to rain 3 to 5 inches, with a few inches more possible if there is a little extra moisture associated in the region. Tuesday will be chilly, but there will be less breeze, making it somewhat tolerable for outdoor activities. Temperatures will drop again into the 40s on Wednesday, before rising to the 50s on Thursday and Friday, with rainstorms possible from Thursday evening until Friday early. Saturday will be extremely dry, with daytime temperatures in the low 40s.

What do you think the weather will be like on V-DAY?

For Valentine’s Day, which falls on Sunday, the weather will be much cooler, with high temperatures only hitting the low 20s. This will be accompanied by a chilly wind from the northwest at 10–20 mph, resulting in wind chills in the low double figures to teens for the majority of the day. As the community gears itself for Valentine’s Day and expects to spend it outside with near and dear ones.

Happy Thanksgiving 2021

Happy Thanksgiving 2021

This Thanksgiving, we are showing our gratitude by offering a flat 10% discount on all our rides.

We have only just recovered from a deadly pandemic and we believe the best way to celebrate this Thanksgiving is to be truly thankful for what we have.

Let us not take anything for granted and enjoy the smallest pleasures in life.

In the meantime, if you need to visit your friends or family to show your gratitude, we have got your back.

Boston Aiport Express offers safe, comfortable, and Logan Airport Transfer and seamless rides in and around Massachusetts. And nothing would delight us more to help you make the most of this festival season.

So enjoy with your friends and families and cherish the things you value the most in your life.

If you need to visit anywhere in Massachusetts, reach out to us and we will have a ride ready for you in a jiffy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Explore the Exclusive Massachusetts Cab Services Connecting Amherst and Springfield

Whether you are heading out of the city, towards the airport, or simply for your office meeting, Massachusetts online cab service easily connects you from Amherst to Springfield with a trustworthy ride within minutes. Only with one tap, you can book the cab from anywhere and the vehicle comes directly to pick you right at your location. Once you put your destination location while booking the cab, your driver knows the exact way to reach there. Moreover, the payment system is also completely cashless through net banking, debit/credit card. Most of these Massachusetts taxi services is locally owned as well as operated and thus proudly servicing the state over years. The fleet of cabs of each of these taxi companies is available at your dropping services for 24/7.

Furthermore, online Massachusetts taxi services are also specialized in covering overnight trips, the full day scheduled trips, or anytime airport transfers with the great commitment of serving each of their customers with the highest possible level of efficacy as well as respect. These cab services also even endeavor to make you each ride memorable as well as affordable, whether it is just a convenient ride to any grand occasion or for any medical emergencies.

Best way to go wherever you want

  • Get your ride

Just set your location by choosing your ride as well as your destination location and then you will receive driver’s information by tracking their arriving details through GPS.

  • Highly available

No need to make phone calls or schedule your pick-ups. As the service has 24/7 availability, cab request can be made at any time.

  • Reliable ride

As the customer’s safety is highly important, therefore, each of these taxi companies has developed different advanced technologies that are making millions of their trips safer every day.

  • Your feedback through ratings

Once you finished your trip, you can rate your trip experience or drive the quality of the driver via online s that these cab services can improve their services in the best possible manner.

About the drivers of these cab services

All of the taxi or cab drivers Massachusetts cab services are always totally faithful and punctual together with flawless safety records. Within flexible timings, their professional, experienced and courteous drivers will surely reach you just at your proper destination in total comfort and right on time. In addition, each of their drivers who are in charge to operate the taxi or cabs has passed the comprehensive police background examination as well as another checking of the driving department monthly mainly or the proper safety of the customer. Each of these cab services also maintains their every vehicle in good condition so that you can reach your destination always in a clean and steady fleet of cabs or taxi.

Other services

If you are messed up with your tight deadline under extreme pressure and thus don’t have time to drive and drop any documents or packages around Massachusetts. It’s time to seek help from our professional courier cab services who will pick up your object and deliver it quickly right at your destination with great reliability and at affordable charges.

Boston Airport Express Adds New SUV Airport Taxi

Hurray! We have a new star member in our Fleet. Behold the brand new Lexus 350 Rx 2018 silver SUV of Boston Airport Express Fleet. We hope this makes the rides of our travelers more comfortable. We wish to make SUV taxis in Boston more popular and affordable.

Boston Airport Express Inc added a new Lexus 350 Rx 2018 model SUV to its fleet of Boston Airport Taxis (side view)
Boston Airport Express Inc added a new Lexus 350 Rx 2018 model SUV to its fleet of Boston Airport Taxis (side view)

Boston Airport Express Inc added a new Lexus 350 Rx 2018 model SUV to its fleet of Boston Airport Taxis (front view)

Here are some features of Lexus 350 Rx 2018 Model

  • The base RX 350 comes with a 3.5-liter V6 engine
  • An eight-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. All-wheel drive is optional.
  • 18-inch wheels, automatic LED headlights (with automatic high beams), rear privacy glass, a power liftgate
  • keyless ignition and entry, dual-zone automatic climate control, simulated leather upholstery
  • power-adjustable front seats, a power-adjustable steering wheel, a 40/20/40-split rear seat and a rear cargo cover

Technology required for building a successful taxi booking app

The traditional taxi services are almost becoming non-existent with the origin of the latest application based taxi booking services in Boston. Though the service is not very old, yet the popularity has grown immensely due to the use of the Smartphone technology. The revolutionized industry is still undergoing the changes and the changes are for good now. Hence the taxi service providers have to keep pace with the changing trends and adopt the new ways of offering services to the clients.

Boston Car & Taxi Service app

The technical aspect of designing the app relies with the experts but the companies can discuss the features and services which they want to extend to their database to keep them as loyal customers. The aspect of loyalty is becoming difficult as the smart customers do not mind switching their loyalties and trying the new companies in the market whom are offering more services at lower costs. Thus the competition is very high and so is the pressure to keep the customers hooked on to them.

To get rid of the pressure and stress, tech-friendly option seems to be the best one and companies are thus going technology based for their smart customers. While a mobile application is just an extension of the services offered by the respective taxi service providing company, it certainly is becoming very beneficial for both the companies and the clients.

  • A taxi booking app for the service providing company is developed with the help of a server. The investment in the Backend is also as important as the Frontend. Two interfaces are created; one of the taxi drivers and the other is for the taxi riders. The GPS also plays a pivotal role in the identification of the user who wants a taxi and the information is given to the nearest driver in the locality. This is the way in which the taxi app functions.
  • The three pillars of success for the taxi app are
  1. Reliability factor which they can extend to their respective riders and clients.
  2. Convenience which they can offer to the clients by picking them within 5-10 minutes of booking the cab and dropping them at the desired location.
  3. Professionalism
  • With the help of the Google Maps, the real time location of the drivers is possible and they cannot fool the passengers about their location. The owner can be watchful about the location of the driver too. Hence the security standards of such an app are very high.
  • The Fare calculation system is also very fair and the clients also feel that they are highly cost-effective and do not charge any exorbitant rates as the rates are pre-decided as per the distance of the locations.
  • The apps also provide the rating system as per which the customers can rate their experience with the cab and the cab driver. These feedback options help the companies to serve their clients in a better format. The popularity of the Mobile App based taxi service is rising and gathering much accolades of the clients also.

The growing popularity of the online taxi booking in Ma

The service sphere of the transport system has been shifting paradigms and the technology has also facilitated this act to a considerable extent. The online activity of the smart consumers have forced the companies to establish their web address and furthermost also design the respective mobile application. All these measures allow the companies to be in direct contact with their clients and they surely do not want to miss any opportunity of serving their respective clients.

The growing popularity of the online taxi booking

The transport service involves the web designers to design the online booking system in their website and also add the feature in their mobile application so that the clients can easily book the cab online. This works out to be a brilliant feature as the advance booking keeps both the service provider and the clients sorted. Boston has a huge market for tourism and the people who visit the city for official purposes are also very high. Thus the need to have ea reliable online cab booking platform is not only a fad but a necessity also.

Following are the advantages to having an online booking system:

  • A simple procedure of creating the account in the website can open the door to the simple online cab booking system. Alternatively, the mobile application of the company can be downloaded in the Smartphone and the cab can be booked. The advanced filters and features allow the customers to experience a complete user-centric browsing of the same.
  • The last minute rush and inconvenience can be surely kept at bay with the introduction of the online cab booking system. The clients can fill in their requirements in the website of the taxi service or use the mobile application for the taxi booking.
  • The taxi services are ensuring that they provide a completely fair system of the fare. As the soaring fuel costs are turning out to be a case of worry, the cost effective rate of the service per kilometre is still a big relief to the customers.
  • As the working culture is becoming 24 hour friendly, the cabs are being hired on monthly basis by the corporate for the pickup and drop services of the employees. This is a special feature for the employees working in the night shift companies.
  • From the safety and security point of view also, it is much preferred than travelling alone in their private vehicles. Moreover, the cab pooling is also an excellent feature which has come to the fore in the recent years. This allows the users to access to platform easily and enjoy the unlimited free rides also whenever they cross the required to avail the same.
  • The taxis have the GPS tracking systems and thus the clients can easily track the location of the cab they are waiting for. Even the service providing company can keep a tap on their drivers and ensure complete security to their respective clients. The industry is growing by leaps and bounds due to the soaring demand for such services.

Unusual Things to Do In Quincy

Quincy is one of the most famous cities in Massachusetts. The city has many popular attractions and landmarks that attract tourists and visitors. This is the largest city in Norfolk County, Massachusettsand has a rich history. The list of attractions includeUnited First Parish Church, Marina Bay, Thomas Crane Public Library, Hancock Cemetery, Quincy Historical Society, Uss Salem and United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum. However, if you are fond of visiting unique, unusual places then here is a list of some exciting places for you.

Spectacle Island Sea Glass Beaches

The beach is a paradise for sea glass collectors as it offers an incredible experience. Spectacle island sea glass beaches is replete with sea glass and pottery from years long past. Having an old and varied history, the island has shards that could be well over 100 years old. If you wish to take back home some beautiful memories then do not forget to bring a camera along. It is not allowed to move the glass and pottery.

Quincy Quarries

Quincy Quarries was opened to supply granite for the Bunker Hill Monument in Boston’s historic Charlestown neighbourhood. It is now open for public and has been linked  to the Blue Hill Reservation trail system. It is one of the most amazing sites for rock climbing and the rock formations here are a sight to watch. They are adorned with a spectacular array of graffiti art. The best time to visit this site is a on a warm, dry day when one can appreciated it from the height of one of its rock. It can be quite challenging on a rainy day when the rock is wet.

Adams National Historic Park

The Adams Historic National Park consists of John Adams’s childhood home and his post-presidential farmstead, “Peace Field.” These are much like a museum that sings the lore of gone days. One can feel the complex mental struggle that made John Adams an extraordinary person that he was.  There is a standing desk inside his first home where he used to craft defence of the British soldiers after the Boston Massacre. One can see a chair inside the Peace Field where Adams sat at the age of 90 as he waved at the passing parade on July 4th, 1826, just hours before his death.In his house, and on his farm, visitors have a chance to see the man behind the history.

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Spectacle Island

Spectacle Island has been involved with recycling and disposal and had a past replete with smelly, funky operations. Known as Boston’s “Recycled island,” the place has been recently renovated and is quite green. There are solar panels to power the center and the ranger’s electric vehicles in the visitor’s panel.

Places to Visit in Weymouth

Webb Memorial State Park

Webb Memorial is a small recreational area composed of three drumlins and a low marsh area. The park is a scenic peninsula that extends nearly half a mile into Hingham Bay.Take your car to get here. One can see Grape and Slate Islands from the park which makes for a stunning view. This is a great place to spend a couple of hours and dog walkers can be spotted here often. The place serves as a great picnic spot with benches, pretty flowering trees, and lots of interesting shells on the beach.

Parking is not a worry here and it is absolutely free. The well-maintained paths and offer varied terrain and great views of Boston and the Harbor Islands. It’s a great place to walk, with the added convenience of being reachable by car. One can enjoy various recreational activities including fishing, picnicking, and walking There is a large picnic pavilion that is available by reservation for organized groups.

Oasis Day Spa

OASIS DAY SPA is a wonderful and relaxing spa offering exceptional manicure, facial &massage services and full day packages including lunch. They offer a holistic approach to all their nail, skin and body care services.  The spa carry a full line of top name skin, nail & body products including Jan Marini Skin Research, Repechage& Jane Iredale.  If you wish to avail the highest quality of professionalism and top notch service then this spa is perfect for you. Their staff is complete with skilled professionals dedicated to creating for you an atmosphere which is peaceful and calm-a true retreat.

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Barrel House Z

Barrel house Z is a barrel themed brewery with beautiful interiors and designs. The beers are aged in old oak barrels: Chardonnay, whiskey, rum, bourbon, cider, etc. giving each batch a different flavour depending on the barrel it is aged in and for how long. There is a new beer release every week which invites guest brewers who have passion for beer to get new ideas. One of the must haves is macanada, which is an empanada stuffed with mac and cheese.

The flavours of macanda are continuously rotating much like beer. If you are  a vegetarian then there is no need to worry as there is a vegetarian option available in every rotation. Barrel house Z also hosts entertaining events including sports events/movies on the projector, live bands, and visiting food trucks.

Places to visit in Watertown

Burrville Cider Mill

The Burrville Cider Mill is one of the oldest establishments of Jefferson County. Located between the Thousand Islands and Adirondack Regions of New York, the Mill has been a historic landmark and family tradition for several generations. Formerly known as Burr’s Mills, the structure was built in 1801.It was originally used as a sawmill and a gristmill. The mill is named after Capt. John Burr who purchased it in 1802. Visit this place to watch them press the North Countrys best Sweet Apple Cider. They make the best cider by blending different varieties of apples. All the apples are bought from New York and are at their peak of ripeness.

They make sure that all apples are of highest quality and they inspect each apple visually and physically to ensure that. Cider is pressed every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at The Burrville Cider Mill. Visitors can take self-guided tours at 10am and noon while they press.  The sweet scent of apple as well as and freshly fried cider donuts still too hot to touch greet the visitors. You can take your cameras along to capture the view of the falls from the decks with the backdrop of the Autumn leaves.

New York State Zoo at Thompson Park

The New York State Zoo at Thompson Park is home to species that are native to New York State. The 32-acre Zoo is inhabited by threatened or endangered animals, including wolverines, bears, eagles, mountain lions and more. The zoo is aimed at providing natural world experiences that foster an appreciation of the Empire State’s ecosystems through conservation, education, scientific study and responsible recreation.

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Roswell P. Flower Memorial Library

Monday-Thursday: 9:00-8:00

Friday & Saturday: 9:00-5:00

Sunday: Noon – 5:00

Built in 1903, Roswell P. Flower Memorial Libraryis a two story, brick, rectangular buildingfaced in marble with a centrally placed octagonal dome. The building is located at Watertown in Jefferson County, New York. Also known as ‘The most beautiful small library in the United States’, the library was erected by Mrs. Emma Flower Taylor in memory of her father. This magnificent structure is not only a great sight to behold but it also is a great and source of knowledge and resources. They have a large book collection and several rooms containing history of the surrounding area in museum like surroundings.