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Boston Car Service Introduced in New Areas of Massachusetts.

boston car service introduced new area of massachusetts

Boston Airport Express is happy to announce that we are now covering more areas of Massachusetts than ever before. From now on you can easily book taxi cab services from/to logan airport to/from your location in the following cities.

Ashland * Hopkinton * Sherborn * Holliston * Millbury * Milford * Sutton * Charlton * Oxford * Uxbridge

Boston Airport Express is one of the most trusted airport transfer providers in Massachusetts. We also provide rides for Vacations or any personal activity like parties, weddings, prom nights, and meetings.

Whenever you cannot drive your own vehicle to your destination or require more space or professional drivers to assist you, remember Boston Airport Express.

Happy Halloween 2022

It is Halloween, the spookiest time of the year and we don’t want you to keep calm. Dress up as your favorite character, go out, and figure out ways to give people goosebumps. Halloween is one of the few festivals that has everyone excited. While children are excited for trick or treats, adults find themselves musing out creative ways to scare their peers. Enjoy this spooky season with your friends and family and remember to be safe. Happy Halloween.

After two years of Covid related restrictions on travel this year, Halloween celebrations are supposed to be grand. Boston Airport Express is here to support you in all Holiday transportation needs in Boston. Remember us for taxi cab requirements and airport transfers or long-distance tides to neighboring states.

Numerous flights delayed and cancelled due to bad weather on the east coast.

BOSTON – There’s been numerous delays and cancellations in the vicinity of Logan Airport because of stormy conditions along the East Coast. The FAA requested an emergency ground flight stop at Logan Airport on Thursday evening.

The tarmac reminded me of that of the Southeast Expressway during rush hour. A passenger of Boston Airport Express who was on one of these planes shared this with us. He was coming to watch Thursday evening’s Celtics NBA Finals game but was stuck at the airport in New York as his flight was cancelled.

He said the tickets for Boston Celtics final game was quite costly and that he had managed two tickets with a lot of difficulty. “There is not much I can do about the flight cancellation”, and Mr Barner booked our car service from New York to Boston and reached Boston slightly late but enough to join the second quarter of the Game.
Within the terminals, the frustration was leaking out. The FAA had ordered an emergency ground stop for over an hour following severe weather that affected airports along the East Coast.

“I waited for 11 hours, before the flight finally took off” another passenger told me. “I was 12 hours off the schedule. But I guess it is better to be safe & late than risk the nature fury.”
In the United States More than 188,000 flight delays were reported while 3500 flights were cancelled.

In an announcement, Delta said, “Weather challenges at airports across the northeast today have caused congestion for both arrivals and departures at Boston Logan International Airport. We apologize to customers for any inconvenience as Delta teams work with ATC to get customers on their way as quickly and safely as possible.”

FlightAware estimates that about 10% of flights departing from Logan were cancelled, however an astonishing 34% had delays.
The travel troubles are a result of the executives of airlines meet with Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg to discuss how airlines can handle the busy summer season.

Gas Prices in Massachusetts break record Overnight

Gas Prices in Massachusetts break record Overnight

Gas Prices in Massachusetts break record Overnight

People are witnessing a shock with record breaking trends in gas prices this Memorial Day . In this week’s market, prices already at a record level they in  Massachusetts and it continues to set records after record for increasing gas prices with no relaxation in sight. This gets tough for transportation companies in the state. For car service providers in Boston, with luxury vehicles that burn up fuel much faster than regular economic vehicles, this is getting unbearable.

Within Downtown Boston, it feels that the cost of gasoline can range from $4.90 and $5.20 for each gallon. There are some Shell or Gulf petrol stations in the South End that are even asking for $5.60 per gallon. The Cape Cod region is pretty much the same with an average price that is about $4.80 per gallon. So, this is compelling us to add fuel surcharges to our car ride services. 

Gas Prices on the 1st of June 2022 

Average gas price in Massachusetts : 
$4.76 / Gallon
Average gas price in the USA:
$4.67 / Gallon
Average price of Mid-grade gasoline:
$5.09 / Gallon
Average price of Premium Gas :
$5.35 / Gallon
Average price of Diesel : 
$6.25 / Gallon

At an average price of $4.76 the figure is the highest number ever recorded in Massachusetts as per American Automobile Association. It’s quite a leap from the cost of a gallon of gasoline in 2013, when the average price for Massachusetts of $2.92. The increase in the price of gasoline is correlated with the ongoing situation in Ukraine due to the continuing Russian incursion.

Other factors also contribute to the sudden price rise. For instance, crude oil is currently trading at $118 per barrel, which is up 71 percent than a year ago. Additionally, the strain on refineries, who are trying to meet the demand, as more people are returning to work. 

While more people returning to work and international travel and domestic travel starting to rise again was welcome news for taxi cab and car service providers, the fuel price rise is now a dampening factor. 

Cape Cod Cutting on Emission Poses a Transportation Challenge

Cape Cod Cutting on Emission Poses a Transportation Challenge for the Car-Centric Region

Cape Cod Cutting on Emission Poses a Transportation Challenge

New emission cutting measures in Cape Cod may cause major changes Car owners and Drivers circle

Cape Cod is making an environment-friendly decision to cut its greenhouse gas output, and the need to restrict transportation emissions is rising, especially among car-centric regions.

The draft climate action plan released by Cape Cod regional planning authority in April states that transportation is responsible for more than 55% of greenhouse emissions in the area. The report also recommends more environment-friendly methods to be incorporated, such as using electric vehicles, strengthening public transit, and creating land-use policies to reduce the number of gas-driven vehicles on the roads. 

Nevertheless, with the rapidly shifting economy and the current development patterns, the incorporation of new measures faces a substantial challenge. Especially, it will be difficult for taxi drivers providing car services from Boston to Cape Cod.

Cape Cod sprawls over an area of 400 square miles and accommodates roughly 215,000 people year-round. This population, however, grows triple during Summer as vacationers and second homeowners gather in the area.

Cape Cod has heavily relied on cars due to the historical development of the region. 

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The need for electric vehicles

In order to cut down on the emission, electric vehicles need to be adopted as the go-to method of transportation. Nevertheless, although the regional climate plan calls for the development of new charging stations, the execution of these strategies is out of the commission’s control as utility and property owners will need to execute the installation.

Electric vehicle owners are mostly anxious about running out of charge on their vehicles and not having a charging dock around.

Improving public transportation

The second stage to slashing the greenhouse emission is to improve public transportation, allowing people to get around easily without having to resort to their vehicles. Fortunately, such methods have been in development for several years in Cape Cod. 

Ridership is up as bus lines are now able to connect all 15 Cape towns with more direct service, shuttles being available five times a week to transport locals to Boston Hospital, and flexible services being allowing travelers to make advance reservations. Train travel is also being considered.

Although the state of the public transportation is in good shape, there is still a lot to be done to attract residents and visitors to public transportation in Cape Cod.

Image Credits- Cape Cod Factory Outlet Mall building

the human sharp conflict towards coexistence

The Human-Shark Conflict in Cape Cod is Evolving Towards Co-Existence

the human sharp conflict towards coexistence

Cape Cod is one of the historically known areas of Massachusetts that has been infested with sharks. The oldest surfers know about the legends of Cape Cod beaches that often include the encounter of sharks with humans. That is why they stand there scanning the closest shore for seals, who are the primary food for sharks. 

The seals have been rebounding to Cape Cod since the 1970s after they almost went to the verge of extinction due to massive hunting. The surfers, too, have started to change their habits, with many of them choosing to surf exclusively in the winter to avoid an encounter with the great white sharks.

Ecologists, on the other hand, credit the 1972 Marine Mammal Protection Act for the return of the seals and the sharks. Nevertheless, as the seals’ population increases and subsequently sharks come to these shores in search of food, the Outer Cape’s four small towns and the National Park Service’s concerning demands become conservation and human safety.

One of the effective measures that are being taken by various countries is the use of sophisticated and highly advanced satellite and tracking technology. This tool is used to predict whether sharks will infest a particular area of water by gauging environmental conditions like water temperature, tides, and lunar cycles. The tool is known as a heat map and acts as a “weather forecasting system, just for sharks”.

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The governments in New England had almost wiped out the seal population by offering a bounty on seal noses and incorrectly blaming them for lower fish stocks. With the seal, the population of sharks started dwindling, too, with many of them being subjected to a daily mixture of trophy hunting, culling, and industrial fishing. The human-shark interactions also led to the belief that sharks are dangerous to humans and resulted in human-shark conflict management through lethal means.

However, the latest measures that are being taken to manage human-shark conflicts lean on a more compassionate approach. Ultimately, the one solution that is deemed most effective is the modification of human behaviour. It sounds good for both vacationers and cab companies operating in Cape Cod.

Image Source- Elias Levy, Wikimedia Commons, The Great White Shark

hawaii eases vaccination policy for travelers (1)

Expected Boost in Vacation Traffic to Hawaii as it eases regulation on vaccination policy

hawaii eases vaccination policy for travelers (1)

Hawaii will no longer ask fully vaccinated travelers to test and quarantine themselves upon arriving from other U.S. states in two weeks.

Governor David Ige said on Thursday that the state would drop the current travel restrictions on July 8 for fully vaccinated U.S. mainland travelers.

Travelers who wish to use their quarantine exemption must upload their vaccination cards to a state website and carry a hard copy of the same while traveling.

The governor hopes the vaccination rate in the state to reach 60% among all residence by that time. Governor David Ige had earlier set this milestone for allowing more vaccination travel exemptions.

After July 8, restaurants will be able to seat up to 75% of their capacity while maintaining social distancing norms, said the governor. Some restaurants said that they would not be able to expand on their seating capacity under the given social distancing rules.

According to Mr Shafan Nath, Founder of Boston Airport Express and one of the leading professional chauffeured Car Service providers in Boston, “this is going to boost holidaying outside Massachusetts even further. We have been driving families for vacation and students groups for vacation other states like New Hampshire and Rhode Island every day.”

People will still be required to wear masks while gathering indoors. Nevertheless, masks no longer remain mandatory for going outdoors.

According to the governor, the state will drop all the pandemic-related restrictions once it reaches the 70% vaccination rate. He also added that the gathering size for indoors would increase from 10 people to 25 people while the gathering size for outdoors will increase from 25 to 75 people.

Travelers who are not yet vaccinated will continue to have to produce a negative Corornavirus report while traveling to Hawaii.

Image Credits- Princeville Kauai

Boston Logan Airport from Terminal E

Corona Flight Cancellation: The Complete Guide on How to Secure a Refund

Recently, the Coronavirus has spread throughout the world, and one of the effects of its outbreak has befallen an increasing number of Americans who are being denied their airfare refunds, observed the Department of Transportation. 

“The Department has received a high volume of complaints on air travel matters related to the COVID-19 public health emergency,” a DOT spokesperson told The Washington Post in an email. “Many of these complaints concern lack of refunds, assessment of change fees, and inability to reach an airline representative.”

Prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, DOT had made it compulsory for every airline to refund the ticket holder with cash for the airfare if the flight is canceled by the airline itself. If a traveler cancels the ticket, the airline is not liable for a refund.

Nevertheless, as people were asked to stay at home and all non-essential travel was banned, airlines stopped following this rule by DOT, as per the complaints received by the agency, tweets from customers, and industry insiders.

DOT enforced its regulation by issuing a notice on Friday. The notice said that even during this pandemic, American and foreign airlines must give customers a cash refund if a flight to, within, or from the United States is canceled or has major changes in schedule.
People who are still struggling for a refund, industry experts gave us their advice:

Call the airlines

Customers who were denied their refund earlier may have a different result when calling back the airlines after DOT’s notice.

“Everybody should be able to get their cash refunds,” says Charles Leocha, the president and co-founder of the advocacy group Travelers United. “They paid for something. They’re not getting it. It’s basic American law.”

Travelers who were provided with flight credits for cancellation and would like a refund with cash instead, airlines are supposed to honor that request as well.

“In that [DOT] memo, they said at the end that the airlines should now contact everyone whose arm they twisted into taking credit and inform them that they have their choice,” Leocha says. “They can now get cash back, or they can leave the credit in place.”

Call the airline again

“First, politely say, ‘Thank you, appreciate your time.’ Hang up. Call again,” says Scott Keyes, founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights. “The reason why is that airline agents have a lot of discretion about which refunds they process. So oftentimes, it’s not as though there’s a blanket policy, and you’ll never get one agent to treat you differently than another.”

According to Keyes, if a customer fails to get a refund from one agent, they can try thousands of other agents and change their minds. “I can’t tell you the number of times, and I’ve been told no on the first call, no on the second call, then yes on the third call,” he says.

Make sure you are polite when calling the airlines. This is a stressful time for everyone, and being courteous will only help you in your accord.
“I would always be very nice because if you’re a jerk, they put a note in your record,” Leocha says.

Contact your credit card company

Keyes says that credit card companies are your last resort. This is the reason why credit card companies offer card protection services.

“Every credit card and the bank has a process where you can dispute a charge if you’ve paid for something and you didn’t receive that service,” Keyes says. “So if you paid for a flight and the airline canceled the flight, they are not allowed to hold your money hostage.”

However, according to Keyes, this process can be more of a bureaucracy hassle than going to the airlines for a refund.

File a complaint with the DOT

Report your issues directly with the DOT through their website.

“The Department maintains an aviation consumer protection website that provides useful information about passenger rights, including issues related to flight delays, cancellations, and refunds,” the DOT spokesperson said. “The website also has an online complaint form so that air travelers can quickly and easily file a complaint with the Department.”

Leocha and Keyes both recommend filing a complaint with the DOT.
“The fact that the Department of Transportation put out the directive they did on Friday, I think, is directly attributable to the hundreds or thousands of complaints that people were filing because the airlines were behaving so poorly,” Keyes says.

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Boston Logan Airport from Terminal E

RealID Travel and Flying Requirements in Massachusetts are about to Change

The Massachusetts government is changing the ID required to travel to and from the state. Starting from October 1, 2020, you will be required to present a REAL ID or a passport to fly within the United States or enter federal buildings. 

Whether you are getting new IDs or renewing your existing credentials, you will have to choose between the standard driver’s license or a REAL ID. The cost to obtain a REAL ID or a standard driver’s license is the same.

A standard driver’s license is a valid identification card which can be renewed online without going to the RMV. The card has “NOT FOR FEDERAL ID” displayed on the front. It can not be used as a valid form of Federal ID and will not be an acceptable form of identification to board flights after October 1, 2020.

A REAL ID can also be used as a valid identification card. It requires an in-person visit for renewal and is a valid form of Federal ID. This card has a star displayed on the front to indicate that it is federally compliant.

To save time on your application, you can start any driver’s license or ID transaction online. At the end of your application, you will get a summary and a list of documents you will need to bring to the service center. The RMV’s online center will inform you of the documents required for you to complete your application, help you check your eligibility, and save your time by concluding the application on one successful trip. 

Once you have decided if you want a REAL ID or a standard driver’s license, you will have to get the right documents together. You will have to prove your US citizenship or lawful presence, Social security number, and your Massachusetts residency. 

For US citizens, a valid, unexpired US passport is sufficient proof of lawful presence. For permanent residents, a valid permanent resident card (green card) is enough. Non-US citizens would be needed to produce correct, valid immigration documents along with proof that they have been granted a legal stay in the US for at least 12 months.

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boston airport car service with child seat

Boston Car Service Rates slashed for Winter 2020

For the convenience of our travelers and to counter the slowdown of winter. has slashed taxi fares and Boston airport car service rates till Feb 2020. Please use this opportunity to book your rides in advance.  Additionally, we have also reduced the Child Seat price from $10 to $5 for infant and toddlers’ car seats.  Booster seats are now available for just $1

boston airport car service with child seat

We have always given maximum priority for our baby guests and considered their safety and comfort our first priority. Refer to Boston baby car seat rules on our website here. With lower child seat fees the overall price of booking now comes down by $8 to $25 for regular bookings within 20 miles.
We have also started car services to New Hampshire recently. Boston Airport Express covers Nashua, Manchester, and Concord in NH and offers long-distance rides and airport pick up and drop service from Boston Logan International Airport.
car services to new hamsphire