Broker Fire Pipe Keeps Traffic idle In Boston South Street

BOSTON — A broken fire pipe sent water gushing through a Boston neighborhood, leaving a massive crater in the middle of a street.

The break created a river of water on A Street in the area of West Broadway and West 3rd Street late Wednesday night. The street is important for most of Boston To Ma, Rhode Island Cab Taxi services.

Boston police have closed the area to pedestrian and vehicle traffic until further notice due to the buckled street. Thanks to timely notification by police Boston Airport Shuttles managed to avoid the route in good time before they could join the traffic down the street

Drone video taken by a Boston 25 News photographer showed a large section of the street that had caved in on top of the pipe.

The Boston Water and Sewer Commission noted the owner of a building in the area is responsible for facilitating repairs. Through a tweet BWSC said “to emphasize, water in South Boston street 9/7 (last night) came from a broken fire pipe, not main. Repairs responsibility of building owner and their chosen private contractor. BWSC stands by to assist as necessary.”

The cause of the broken pipe remains under investigation. The busted fire pipe was capped at approximately 10:45 p.m.

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