Best places to visit in Worcester

The Worcester Art Museum

The museum has more than 35,000 art pieces at display some of which are antique and others are modern. Various exhibitions represent cultures from all over the world. Some of them showcase the best artists and examples of each genre. The silver collection by Paul Revere is one of the most popular collections of the museum. Besides, the armor gallery and the stunning mosaic display situated on the Renaissance Court floor are truly spectacular. The museum also houses a well-stocked gift shop and a beautiful café serving delicious refreshments.

The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts

The Hanover Theatre, built-in 1904 and originally named the Franklin Square Theatre, used to run everything from headline acts, burlesque shows, Broadway touring shows and silent films. In 1912 vaudeville magnate Sylvester Poli purchased the model, remodeled it. In 1926 he added a beautiful two-story lobby and mirrored walls, marbleized columns, glistening chandelier and lavish grand staircase to it.

Mechanics Hall

Mechanics Hall was originally built in 1857 by the Mechanics Association and was revived in 1977. The hall was built to help the members develop manufacturing skills and to learn about the running of milling machinery. It was later made into a concert and performing arts venue that ranks among one of North America’s top four concert halls! The Renaissance Revival building has elegant rooms capable of hosting all types of events including weddings, galas, and concerts.

American Antiquarian Society

The American Antiquarian Society is one of the best places for people who love historical printed material and fascinating information about America prior to 1876. It houses more than three million books, manuscripts, newspapers, periodicals, and graphic arts materials, some of which even date back to 1820. One of its most famous of these is a copy of the very first book printed in America, the Bay Psalm Book. Besides, they also have digital collections available including “A New Nation Votes: American Election Returns 1788–1824.”

Crompton Collective

If you are planning a family outing then Crompton Collective is a perfect place to be at. It’s a great place for shoppers, browsers or simply observers of the family. There is a range of antiquities, art, and fresh produce that are a delight to behold. The idea was to acknowledge and celebrate the city’s local independent makers. Truly so, the place gives you a chance to meet many such artists. From antique teacups to any number of handmade crafts and pretty clothing, you can find almost everything. You can visit the Canal District Farmers Market housed within the same building and get some culinary items., At last drop by the Birch Tree Bread Company and have some delicious refreshments. This is a plan for a family fun outing!

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